A Panel at the 1998 Convention of the
Northeast Modern Language Association

Baltimore, Maryland
April 17th and 18th

Organizer and Chair:

matthew g. kirschenbaum
department of english
university of virginia


post- A LphabetiC

texTualit     ies

"radical artifice beyond radical artifice"

chris funkhouser and pamela margerm
department of english
new jersey institute of technology

"waiting for don quixote: the origin and end of the alphabet and the search for a new genre"

virginia eubanks and david porush
department of language, literature and communication
rensselaer polytechnic institute

"virtual space and invisible structure, or the revenge of the medium upon everything"

sean cohen and stuart moulthrop
school of communications design
university of baltimore

This panel will provide a forum for recent work on post-alphabetic texts and textuality. First employed in hypertext theory, the term "post-alphabetic" denotes the conspicuous display of the visual elements of written language. If it is a critical commonplace that mass culture is becoming increasingly image-oriented, then how is our thinking about texts and textuality affected by this shift?

Although post-alphabetic textuality traces a lineage to dadaist and futurist typographies, William Morris's fine-printing, Blake's illuminated books, and the medieval Book of Kells, the focus of this panel will be on contemporary or recent writing and artifacts.

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