Writing and Research:
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Lines for a Virtual T[y/o]pography.
My doctoral dissertation. Electronic essays on artifice and information.

LOOKSEE: Resources for Image-Based Humanities Computing
Staging area for a nascent software project devoted to comparative image analysis tools for humanities research. URLs, references, and a mailing list sign-up for now, more coming soon.

"A White Paper on Information."
Portions of the White Paper were presented as the closing plenary address to Digital Arts and Culture 98, Bergen, Norway (November 28, 1998). The White Paper in full consists of a longish set of materials extracted and abstracted from my doctoral dissertation.

"Managing the Blake Archive."
Guest column for Romantic Circles (March, 1998). All about my day-job.

Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions in the Z-Buffer
An investigation of textual and narrative possibilities within three dimensional on-screen environments (using Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML). Lucid Mapping is both a text to be read and a space to be surveyed.

"Machine Visions: Towards a Poetics of Artificial Intelligence." With graphic design and typographic animations by Michael Worthington. In the image + narrative issue of the electronic book review, November, 1997.

"Teaching Literary Narrative in an Information Age". A discussion of applied hypertext pedagogy, published as the inaugural Classroom Spotlight feature in Kairos 2.2 (October 1997).

"Truth, Beauty, and the User Interface: Notes on the Aesthetics of Information." Paper presented at Mixed Messages: Image, Text, Technology, October 13, 1997.

"`Through Light and the Alphabet': An Interview with Johanna Drucker." Postmodern Culture 7.3 (May, 1997 [special hypertext issue]). (A text-only version for non-Project Muse subscribers is also available.)

"Electronic Publishing and Doctoral Dissertations in the Humanities." Paper presented at the 1996 Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association, in Washington DC, and in revised and expanded form at the 1997 ACH-ALLC meeting in Kingston, Ontario.

"Once Upon a Time in ENWR: The World-Wide Web as a Publication Medium for Student Essays." Teaching Conerns (Fall 1996).

"Designing Our Disciplines in a Postmodern Age--and Academy". Review of Richard Coyne's Designing Information Technologies in a Postmodern Age. electronic book review 2. (Spring, 1996).

The Germ: Thoughts Towards Nature in Poetry, Literature, and Art [Number One].
A Hypermedia Critical Edition. Ed. with Melissa Kennedy et al. British Poetry 1780-1910: A Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions. Gen. Eds. Jerome J. McGann and David Seaman, 1995.

"The Cult of Print." Review of Sven Birkerts's The Gutenberg Elegies. Postmodern Culture 6.1 (September 1995). (A text-only version for non-Project Muse subscribers is also available.)

Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro

A hypermedia edition of the March 1925 issue of Survey Graphic magazine. Ed. with Catherine Tousignant. Featured on the American Studies Crossroads Project's Innovistas site at Georgetown.

[see also writing and research and other projects]

ENLT 248: Bodies Electric: The Cyborg and Other Recent Figures of Fiction, Spring 1998. (An approved proposal for a course circumstances ultimately forced me to cancel.)

ENLT 248: Literary Narrative in an Information Age, Spring 1997
An introductory literature seminar in contemporary fiction and its relationship to other media forms. See also the students' exquisite final hypertext projects.

ENWR 101 Section 6, Fall 1995

A seminar in Introductory Composition, which I taught in the English Department's electronic classroom. A report on my experiences teaching computer-assisted composition is also available.

Once Upon a Time in the Eighties: A Collaborative Hypertext.
The final project for my Fall 1995 Introductory Composition seminar, above. Written and assembled by the students in the final weeks of the semester, Once Upon a Time in the Eighties has been rated a "Top 5% Web Site" and has been featured on several high-profile Internet hotlists, including Yahoo's picks of "Cool Links". The result has been better than 150 hits per day, and frequent comments directed toward the students and their written work.

ENAM 311: American Literature to 1865 (Teaching Assistant), Fall 1995

A survey course from early colonial writings through some of the works that comprise the American Renaissance. Six students in the course, under my supervision, opted to complete web-based projects in place of a conventional term paper; these projects are now indexed on the course homepage, and will be used as teaching tools in the future.

Other Projects:
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VRML Projects

My main interest in VRML is its potential as an environment for mapping and visualizing large volumes of textual data.

The Garnett Room at the University of Virginia Library

A virtual recreation of the historic Garnett Room at the University of Virginia's Alderman Library. Includes an interactive tour, MPEG videos, and a VRML rendering of the room.

electronic theses and dissertations in the humanities: a directory of on-line references and resources

This site functions as a clearing-house for on-line information related to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) in the humanities, and includes a directory of ETDs currently in progress.

GESA's Graduate Technologies and Literary Studies Open House

Held annually in the English Department's electronic classroom. Graduate students are given an opportunity to exhibit scholarly and pedagogical applications of computing technology. November 15th, 1996 and October 13th, 1995.

Association for Investment Management and Research
From May through August 1995, I was part of the design and construction team for the AIMR web site.