A White Paper on Information

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Department of English
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
University of Virginia


The White Paper consists of these five sections:

I. Hard Data
II. Around 1984
III. Bounding Lines
IV. Ways of Seeing
V. Radical Artifice

Clicking the red arrow at the bottom-right of this frame will open the first section, "Hard Data," and subsequently, each new section.

Illustrations will open in the top-right frame (as will a QuickTime video clip referenced at the start of the paper). You may view an illustration either by clicking a "figure" link within the text, or else by clicking on the current illustration in the top-right frame (which will load the next illustration in the sequence). Note that some of the larger illustrations do not fit within the relatively limited space of the frame: you may click and drag the edges of the frame to create the space to view them in full. Indeed, you may resize any and all of the frame edges at will.

Notes are available in the bottom right frame, as is a list of works cited.

The White Paper is Copyright © 1998 Matthew G. Kirschenbaum.

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