Monuments and Dust:
The Culture of Victorian London

     The collection of texts includes the full text of works in many genres -- poems, memoirs, essays, newspaper articles, and prose fiction, chief among them -- and it also incorporates a wide diversity of excerpted pieces, chosen for their direct engagement with the condition of London.
     Texts may be studied as individual specimens, recovered on the screen in continuous fashion and, in most instances, searched by category or by a string of words.
     As in the case of all materials, it will always be possible for user to divide the viewing screen in order to juxtapose different elements of a single work.  It is also always possible to continue study of a given text in one frame, while searching in other parts of archive for comparative materials.
      In some instances a text can only be offered as a series of images, thus limiting the opportunties for precise searching.


Dore and Jerrold London: A Pilgrimage

London Labour, vol. I

Essays and Articles

Pall Mall Gazette:
The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon


Excerpted Texts

Extracts from the Times.