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Version 2.1: October 2, 1996

This is the distribution site for mu, a set of perl scripts to help automate SGML markup. Mu is also a Buddhist term for a null state, neither on nor off, which is the state many people find themselves in after a long session of manual SGML mark up. This isn't to imply that SGML markup is a meditative process, necessarily, but, oh, forget it. It's just an acronym.

Warning: this software is extremely difficult to set up! I'm sorry about this- I was learning as I went along when I wrote this, and one of the things I hadn't learned when I did this was ease of setup procedures. And, it's perl4 so no att empt was made to be object oriented. I'm going to try to change this if I get a chance, but I am no longer officially writing or maintaining perl for IATH, so there is not a whole lot I can do about it.

Version 2.1: The really annoying so-called "add bug" has been fixed. I now have a high degree of confidence in this software. It's still a pain to set up, though.

If you'd like, you can walk through a demo version of mu. The tar file distribution includes the following items:

and, as a special bonus if you download now

For a basic installation, only will need to be edited. Mu is mostly unsupported, but there will be an email list and an ensuing hypermail archive th at I will monitor as a form of atonement for my programming and documenation sins. Feel free to use the list for bug reports, feature suggestions, patches, extensions, and sharing of information with other users and developers. If you are having difficul ties, please consult the archive and local talent before posting to the list.

If you want to learn more about SGML, try Robin Cover's SGML Web Page, a great resource for all kinds of SGML-related information.


Current Limitations

You can also get the way out of date distributions off the ftp site, if you want it for some reason.

Mu : Forms Assisted SGML Markup
By Dan Ancona

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