Forms Assisted SGML Markup version 1.1

Start, Edit or Filter an SGML File

This is the demo page for Mu, Forms-Assisted SGML markup. The sample template being used here is the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange, provided by David Seaman of the Electronic Text Center. There is a more detailed guide to using the TEI.

From here, you can hit the edit or filter link below to work on already started files, or you can start a new file by typing a name in in the box below and hitting the button. Feel free to wander around. You can't break anything.

When you get into the editing screen, there are two buttons after each tag: notes and remarks. Notes are tags that will stay with the SGML after being filtered, and are allowed for any tag. Remarks are intended for editorial commentary, and can either be stripped out in the filter or left in.

This demo is using a slightly modified version of the teiLite header as an example template.

Edit or Filter Existing Files

Start a new form:
file name
(the .sgml will be appended automatically)

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