Text-Based Virtual Reality

Essays and Research:

WWW: Wes Cooper, "Wizards, Toads, and Ethics: Reflections of a MOO Administrator"
WWW: The Electronic Visualization Laboratory
WWW: Stacy Horn's Cyberville
WWW: John T. Masterson, "Nonverbal Communication in Text-Based Virtual Realities"
WWW: King Ludd and the Resistance to Technology: A MOO-based conference
WWW: Charles J. Stivale, "'help manners': Frontier Tales of Two MOOs"
WWW: John Unsworth, "Constructing the Virtual Campus"
WWW: John Unsworth, "Living Inside the (Operating) System" (draft)
WWW: Shawn P. Wilbur, "An Archaeology of Cyberspaces"

About MUDs and MOOs:

WWW: Actlab
Text: Early MUD History
WWW: Index of the MUD Resource Collection
WWW: Info about the 1st World MUD Conference, 1994
WWW: LambdaMOO Programmers Manual (Hypertext Version)

Connect to Notable MUDs and MOOs:

WWW: Diversity University Moo
Telnet: Connect to MediaMOO at MIT
Telnet: Connect to PMC-MOO at UVa
Telnet: Connect to BayMOO in San Francisco
WWW: Lingua MOO
WWW: Fractal Edge MUD
WWW: The Chiba MOO Papers

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