WWW: alt.hypertext newsgroup
WWW: "An Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis"
WWW: "As We May Think," Vannevar Bush (July, 1945)
WWW: Asymetrix Toolbook WWW demo
WWW: December Communications: Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
WWW: EXEMPLARIA: "Hypertext, Ideology, and Theory"
WWW: Hipertulia: Hypertext in Spanish
WWW: HTML editors for various platforms
WWW: Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction
WWW: Hypertext - Media Resources
WWW: The Information City
WWW: Lines for a Virtual Ty/opography," Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
WWW: Literary Narrative in an Information Age
WWW: "Options for Presentation of Multilingual Text: Use of the Unicode Standard"
WWW: Report of a Conference on "Practical Applications in Language Corpora"
WWW: "The Rationale of Hypertext," Jerome McGann
WWW: "Some Considerations for the Use of Lists as Hypertextual Devices on HTML WWW Pages," Jean Jacobson
WWW: "Written on the Web": Carolyn Guyer Examines the State of Hypertext Fiction
WWW: Yahoo's Hypermedia Page
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