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Comparative Table of Contents.

Chinese Text: Translation:
Book I.
1. Chap. I. Fêng-yü Vol. II, chap. IV p. 30.
2. Chap. II. Lei-hai Vol. II, chap. V p. 37.
3. Chap. III. Ming-lu Vol. I, chap. IX p. 144.
4. Chap. IV. Ch`i-shou Vol. I, chap. XXV p. 313.
Book II.
5. Chap. I. Hsing-ou Vol. I, chap. X p. 151.
6. Chap. II. Ming-yi Vol. I, chap. VIII p. 136.
7. Chap. III. Wu-hsing Vol. I, chap. XXVII p. 325.
8. Chap. IV. Shuai-hsing Vol. I, chap. XXXI p. 374.
9. Chap. V. Chi-yen Vol. I, chap. XIII p. 173.
Book III.
10. Chap. I. Ou-hui Vol. II, chap. I p. 1.
11. Chap. II. Ku-hsiang Vol. I, chap. XXIV p. 304.
12. Chap. III. Ch`u-ping Vol. I, chap. VII p. 130.
13. Chap. IV. Pên-hsing Vol. I, chap. XXXII p. 384.
14. Chap. V. Wu-shih Vol. I, chap. IV p. 103.
15. Chap. VI. Chi-kuai Vol. I, chap. XXVI p. 318.
Book IV.
16. Chap. I. Shu-hsü Vol. II, chap. XXIII p. 240.
17. Chap. II. Pien-hsü Vol. II, chap. XV p. 152.
Book V.
18. Chap. I. Yi-hsü Vol. II, chap. XVI p. 161.
19. Chap. II. Kan-hsü Vol. II, chap. XVII p. 171.
Book VI.
20. Chap. I. Fu-hsü Vol. I, chap. XI p. 156.
21. Chap. II. Huo-hsü Vol. I, chap. XII p. 164.
22. Chap. III. Lung-hsü Vol. I, chap. XXIX p. 351.
23. Chap. IV. Lei-hsü Vol. I, chap. XXII p. 285.
Book VII.
24. Chap. I. Tao-hsü Vol. I, chap. XXVIII p. 332.
25. Chap. II. Yü-tsêng Vol. I, chap. XXXIX p. 481.
Book VIII.
26. Chap. I. Ju-tsêng Vol. I, chap. XL p. 494.
27. Chap. II. Yi-tsêng Vol. II, chap. XXIV p. 262.
Book IX.
28. Chap. I. Wên K`ung Vol. I, chap. XXXIII p. 392.
Book X.
29. Chap. I. Fei Han Vol. I, chap. XXXV p. 433.
30. Chap. II. T`se Mêng Vol. I, chap. XXXIV p. 418.
Book XI.
31. Chap. I. T`an-t`ien Vol. I, chap. XIX p. 250.
32. Chap. II. Shuo-jih Vol. I, chap. XX p. 258.
33. Chap. III. Ta-ning Vol. II, chap. VI p. 43.
Book XII.
34. Chap. I. Ch`êng-ts`ai Vol. II, chap. VII p. 56.
35. Chap. II. Liang-chih Vol. II, chap. VIII p. 67.
36. Chap. III. Hsieh-tuan Vol. II, chap. IX p. 75.
Book XIII.
37. Chap. I. Hsiao-li Vol. II, chap. X p. 86.
38. Chap. II. Pieh-t`ung Vol. II, chap. XI p. 96.
39. Chap. III. Ch`ao-chi Vol. II, chap. XXVII p. 295.
Book XIV.
40. Chap. I. Chuang-liu Vol. II, chap. XII p. 108.
41. Chap. II. Han-wên Vol. I, chap. XXI p. 278.
42. Chap. III. Ch`ien-kao Vol. I, chap. VI p. 119.
Book XV.
43. Chap. I. Pien-tung Vol. I, chap. V p. 109.
44. Chap. II. Chao-chih (lost).
45. Chap. III. Ming-yü Vol. II, chap. XXX p. 327.
46. Chap. IV. Shun-ku Vol. II, chap. XXXI p. 339.
Book XVI.
47. Chap. I. Luan-lung Vol. II, chap. XXXII p. 349.
48. Chap. II. Tsao-hu Vol. II, chap. XXXIII p. 357.
49. Chap. III. Shang-ch`ung Vol. II, chap. XXXIV p. 363.
50. Chap. IV. Chiang-jui Vol. I, chap. XXX p. 359.
Book XVII.
51. Chap. I. Chih-jui Vol. I, chap. XXVIII p. 306.
52. Chap. II. Shih-ying Vol. II, chap. XXIX p. 315.
53. Chap. III. Chih-ch`i Vol. II, chap. II p. 9.
54. Chap. I. Tse-jan Vol. I, chap. III p. 92.
55. Chap. II. Kan-lei Vol. II, chap. III p. 16.
56. Chap. III. Ch`i-shih Vol. I, chap. XXXVIII p. 471.
Book XIX.
57. Chap. I. Hsüan Han Vol. II, chap. XVIII p. 192.
58. Chap. II. Hui-kuo Vol. II, chap. XIX p. 201.
59. Chap. III. Yen-fu Vol. II, chap. XX p. 213.
Book XX.
60. Chap. I. Hsü-sung Vol. II, chap. XXI p. 220.
61. Chap. II. Yi-wên Vol. II, chap. XXV p. 272.
62. Chap. III. Lun-sse Vol. I, chap. XV p. 191.
Book XXI.
63. Chap. I. Sse-wei Vol. I, chap. XVI p. 202.
Book XXII.
64. Chap. I. Chi-yao Vol. I, chap. XVII p. 220.
65. Chap. II. Ting-kuei Vol. I, chap. XVIII p. 239.
66. Chap. I. Yen-tu Vol. I, chap. XXIII p. 298.
67. Chap. II. Po-tsang Vol. II, chap. XXXV p. 369.
68. Chap. III. Sse-hui Vol. II, chap. XXXVI p. 376.
69. Chap. IV. Lan-shih Vol. II, chap. XXXVII p. 387.
Book XXIV.
70. Chap. I. Chi-jih Vol. II, chap. XXXVIII p. 393.
71. Chap. II. Pu-shih Vol. I, chap. XIV p. 182.
72. Chap. III. Pien-sui Vol. I, chap. XLIII p. 525.
73. Chap. IV. Nan-sui Vol. II, chap. XXXIX p. 402.
Book XXV.
74. Chap. I. Ch`i-shu Vol. II, chap. XL p. 410.
75. Chap. II. Chieh-ch`u Vol. I, chap. XLIV p. 532.
76. Chap. III. Sse-yi Vol. I, chap. XLI p. 509.
77. Chap. IV. Chi-yi Vol. I, chap. XLII p. 516.
Book XXVI.
78. Chap. I. Shih-chih Vol. II, chap. XIII p. 114.
79. Chap. II. Chih-shih Vol. II, chap. XXVI p. 281.
80. Chap. I. Ting-hsien Vol. II, chap. XIV p. 129.
81. Chap. I. Chêng-shuo Vol. I, chap. XXXVI p. 447.
82. Chap. II. Shu-chieh Vol. II, chap. XXII p. 229.
Book XXIX.
83. Chap. I. An-shu Vol. I, chap. XXXVII p. 461.
84. Chap. II. Tui-tso Vol. I, chap. II p. 83.
Book XXX.
85. Chap. I. Tse-chi Vol. I, chap. I p. 64.

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