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Acupuncture , 377.

Alternation of nature and culture, prosperity and decay, 474.

Amulets and charms , boys wear jade-stones, girls pearls, 505.

Ancestral tablet of wood, one foot two inches long, 536.

Ancient characters , 448, 455.

Angels, informing the Spirit of Heaven of human misdeeds, 291,

a fallen angel , 341.

Animals, are creatures like man, 280,

the killing of animals is wicked, eod.

Anthroposcopy and physiognomy , Chap. XXIV.

Anti-alcoholic memorial, 88.

Antidotes, how given, 158.

Antiquarians know how to determine the age of old swords, 345.

Antiquity, overestimated by scholars and artists, 476.

Apparitions , either ghosts shaped like men, or men behaving like ghosts, 232, 244.

Army , 4,000 men, divided into 2 divisions .

Ascension to heaven by the soul, 228,

of Huang Ti, 332,

of Huai Nan Tse, 335.

Auspicious grain , 323, 366.


Ballista , of ten stones, 498,

pulled with a windlass , 503.

Beauty, engendered by a magical force, vicious and depraved, 302.

Bird , star, 118.

Births, supernatural, 318, 464.

Black Tortoise , the northern quadrant of solar mansions, 106.

Blue Dragon , the eastern quadrant of solar mansions, 106, 534.

Bronze vase of the year 669 b.c. with inscription, 344.

Burning glasses , 378.

Burning of the Books by Ch`in Shih Huang Ti, 204, 447, 449, 490.


Cannibalism, in times of dearth, 170.

Ceremonies originate from a want of loyalty, 100.

Chance , definition, 142,

Chap. X.

Chaos , 252.

Character and natural gifts determine human intelligence and conduct, 145,

Chap. XXXI, transformed by instruction and the influence of virtue, 380,

depend on the quantity of the original fluid, 381.

Chin (kin) , old coins, 132, 146, 365, 377, 433.

Chopsticks , of ivory considered a great luxury under the Shang dynasty, 354.

Chronicle of Yüpen-chi, 254.

Commerce resorted to by lazy agriculturists, 170.

Contingencies , definition, 142,

contingencies and chance agree or disagree with destiny, 123.

Cook, in Sung, famous for butchery, 239.

Cow, may give birth to a horse, 102.

Creation, 252.

Cricket and chrysalis no emblem of immortality, 122.

Cries of a new-born child indicative of the length of its life, 314.

Cross-bow , 251, 266, 533.


Days and nights, their different lengths how caused, 259.

Death , Chap. XV, death the correlate of birth, 349.

Destiny , Chap. VIII and IX, destiny of a State stronger than that of individuals, 137,

connected with the stars, eod.,

natural , concomitant , adverse , 138,

received at the time of conception, 139,

does not agree with natural disposition, good or bad character, eod. determines life and death, rank and wealth, 144,

not influenced by virtue or knowledge, eod., natural destiny according to Mencius' view, 431,

destiny depends on Heaven, 526.

Dipper , constellation, 275, 450.

Diseases have natural causes, 528.

Distance, its effect on vision, 261, 266, 274.

Divination , Chap. XIV, by tortoise shell and milfoil, 182,

by shells and by diagrams, 526.

Dragon , attracts the clouds and the rain, 279, 356,

fetched by Heaven during a tempest, 285, 351,

rising to heaven 293,

an auspicious animal, 323,

a reptile that undergoes transformations, 327,

Chap. XXIX, lives in the water, 351,

like fish and reptiles, 352,

represented with a horse's head and a snake's tail, 353,

mounts the clouds, and is like earthworms and ants, eod., reptiles that can be domesticated and eaten, 354,

not intelligent, eod.,

dragon liver and unborn leopard, eod.,

the dragon rides on the clouds, 357,

contracts and expands its body, can become visible and invisible, 358,

can transform itself, eod.

Dragon Star , 520.

Dreams and visions , their nature doubtful, 200, 215,

direct dreams, 228,

interpretation of dreams, 189.

Dwarfs, used as actors, 473.


Eagles transformed into pigeons and vice versa, 368.

Earth , has a body like man, 183,

size of its area, 256,

does not move, 267,

high in the north-west and low in the south-east, 268.

Earth-quake, predicted, 112, 127.

Eclipse , how caused 269 seq.,

Eight Diagrams , invented by Fu Hsi, expanded by Wên Wang, 87, 454, 474.

Elixir of life , made of gold and gems, drunk by Taoists, 339.

Emperors, their investiture by Heaven, 132, 133.

Energy, human, doubled by fear, 498.

Equanimity of the wise who placidly await their fate, 145, 149.

Equinoxes, vernal and autumnal , 259, 265.

Exaggerations, why people are fond of them, 85.

Executions are wicked, 280.

Exorcism , Chap. XLIV.


Fate see Destiny, 130,

becomes the mind internally and the body externally, 131,

is obtained spontaneously, not by any effort, 150,

fate of long life, 313, 402.

Felicitous plant , 366.

Fever cured with pills causing perspiration, 282.

Fifteen dynasties at the beginning of history, 90.

Fifth month child supposed to kill its parents, 161.

Fishes and birds are related, both can fly and are oviparous, 300,

fishes and turtles are metamorphosed from snakes and reptiles, 326, 368.

Five Birds . 372.

Five Canons (Classics) :--- Yiking, Shiking, Shuking, Liki, and Ch`un-ch`iu, 86, 447, 449, 490.

Five Elements :---metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, 104, 201, 272.

Five Emperors and Three Rulers :---Huang Ti, Chuan Hsü, K`u, Yao, Shun, and Yü, T`ang, and Wên Wang, 76, 81, 101, 138, 324, 332, 334, 359, 372, 405, 464, 467, 484, 511.

Five Grains :---hemp, millet, rice, wheat, and beans, 381, 517.

Five Lakes = T`ai-hu in Kiangsu, 380.

Five Leading Princes :--- Duke Huan of Ch`i, Duke Wên of Chin, Duke Hsiang of Sung, Duke Chuang of Ch`u, and Duke Mu of Ch`in, 74, 101.

Five Mountains , sacred:--- T`ai-shan, Hêng-shan, Hua-shan, Hêng-shan, and Sung-shan, 251.

Five Organs (intestines) :---

the heart, the liver, the stomach, the lungs, and the kidneys, 105, 195,

the necessary substratum of the Five Virtues, 195, 381,

regulating the Vital Fluid, 496.

Five Planetary Emperors , 234.

Five Planets :---

Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, 271,

are made of the substance of the Five Elements, 276.

Five Qualities :---benevolence, justice, propriety, knowledge, and truth, 381, 390.

Five Sacrifices of the house, the outer and inner doors, the well, the hearth, and the inner court, 510, 516.

Five Sacrifices of the Princes, 519.

Five State Robes , worn under the reign of the emperor Yü, 490.

Five Time Keepers of the Shuking:---

the year, month, day, stars, and dates of calendar, 452.

Five Virtues see Five Qualities, 105, 194, 474.

Flatulence, its causes, 295.

Fluid see Vital Fluid and Primogenial Fluid.

Fluid-eaters , Taoists living on air to obtain immortality, 348.

Flying fish, 357.

Fortune-tellers and their methods, Chap. XXIV.

Founders melting metal, 294.

Four classes of the disciples of Confucius , 376.

Four Grey Beards , recluses at the beginning of the Han epoch, 437.

Four Quadrants (Constellations) :---Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Scarlet Bird, and Black Tortoise, 353.

Four Seas and Four Mountains forming the limits of ancient China, 253.

Frogs become quails, 326, 336, 368.


Gems and pearls, made artificially by the Taoists, 378.

Genii , represented with feathers and wings, 293, 330,

so light that they can fly like wild geese, 252.

Geomancers , 531.

Ghosts , diffuse and invisible, 191,

the dead do not become ghosts and have no consciousness, eod.;

a name of the passive principle, eod.;

ghosts are not the essence of the dead, 192 seq.; Chap. XVIII, ghosts are visions of sick people, 239, 240,

apparitions of the fluid of sickness, 240,

seen by madmen, eod., made of the stary fluid, 241,

ghosts the essence of old creatures, 241,

ghosts living in men, eod.,

the spirits of cyclical signs, 242,

creatures like men:---flying corpses , crawling demons , goblins , devils , 243,

kingdom of the Ghosts , eod.,

wicked ghosts , eod.,

ghosts apparitions in human shape, 244,

are the Yang fluid, therefore red, burning and able to abscond, 246,

know what is secret, 291,

devils are supernatural apparitions produced by the sun, 299,

ghosts are burning poison and have a red colour, 299,

ghosts and spirits more ethereal than immortals, 524,

insensible of joy and anger, eod.,

expulsion of ghosts, 532,

sick people see ghosts, 533.

Ghost of Fever , son of Chuan Hsü, 242, 534.

God = Shang Ti, 134, 162, 203;

a public spirit, who does not trouble about private grievances, 204; 223, 227, 321, 328, 355.

Golden Age, its praise unfounded, 471 seq.

Government, must be based on virtue, not on criminal law, 441,

by not governing, 95.

Grand Annalist = Sse Ma Ch`ien, the author of the Shi-chi, 86, 96, 111, 115, 148, 153, 167, 168, 254, 332, 345, 462, 463, 464.

Great Diviner of Ch`i = Yen Tse, 112, 159.

Great Wall, constructed by Mêng T`ien, 167.

Green Dragon see Blue Dragon, 301.


Halo (aureole) , 173, 178.

Happiness and fortune not connected with wisdom and intelligence, 145,

Chap. XI and XII, not given by Heaven as a reward, 156.

Hare , in the moon, 268,

conceives by licking the pubescence of plants, and the leveret issues from its mouth, 319.

Heart , governs the members and the senses and is not governed by them 111,

constellation, 118, 127, 230.

Hearth , sacrifice to, 343,

God of the Hearth, 519.

Heat and cold , Chap. XXI, not influenced by the sovereign, 278,

coinciding with joy and anger, 288.

Heaven , emits its fluid everywhere, but acts spontaneously, 92,

has neither mouth nor eyes, eod.,

its fluid is:---placid, tranquil, desireless, inactive, and unbusied , 93,

its principle spontaneity, 95,

and inactive, 99,

does not speak nor act, 101,

reprimands contrary to its nature, 102,

affects things, but is not affected by them, 109,

is the master of man and things, eod. and 111,

its fluid forms the shapeless empyrean. 113,

not moved by the sighs of ten thousand people, eod.,

does not reprimand a sovereign, nor kill malefactors, 126,

Heaven's spontaneity and inaction preclude wisdom and sensations, 127,

Heaven does not speak, 128,

the words of the wise are the words of Heaven, eod.,

anthropomorphisms of the Shiking and the Shuking, eod.;

the heart of Heaven in the bosom of the Sages, 129,

Heaven's decree, 130, 132, 408,

Heaven is spontaneous, 133,

human qualities ascribed to it, 134,

wealth and honour come from Heaven, 136 seq., 404,

its body, 183,

Heaven does not speak nor hear, its nature is non-interference, 184; 227,

Heaven's ways difficult to understand, 242;

Chap. XIX, the pure elements formed heaven, the impure ones earth, 252,

heaven is not air, but has a body, 257,

its distance from earth, eod.,

its circumference 365 degrees, eod.,

not raised in summer, nor depressed in winter, 260,

not high in the south, nor low in the north, eod.,

not shaped like a reclining umbrella, 261,

looks like a bowl turned upside down, eod.,