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Gender and the War:
Men, Women and Viet Nam

Jaqueline Lawson, editor

280 pages with bibliography, perfect bound, paper, 1989 $19.00; ISBN: 1-885215-03-7.

You can order this text directly from us. Make check payable to Viet Nam Generation, PO Box 13746, Tucson, AZ 85732-3746. Purchase orders are accepted from schools and libraries, and can be emailed or faxed to 520-578-9208.

A landmark text on women and war, presenting diverse perspectives. Suitable for use in Women's Studies courses as well as in History or Literature courses dealing with the 1960s or the war in Viet Nam. This interdisciplinary anthology contains essays in Sociology, Psychology, History, Literature, and Film.


  • Jaqueline Lawson: Introduction
  • J. William Gibson: Paramilitary Fantasy Culture and the Cosmogonic Mythology of Primeval Chaos and Order
  • Renny Christopher: "I Never Really Became a Woman Veteran Until... I Saw the Wall:" A Review of Oral Histories and Personal Narratives by Women Veterans of the War
  • David Berman: Interviews with Two Vietnam Veterans: Welcome Home
  • Cheryl A. Shell: Making Sense of Vietnam and Telling the Real Story: Military Women in the Combat Zone
  • M. Elaine Dolan Brown: The Television War: Treatment of Gender and the Vietnam Experience in Network Television Drama in the 1988-89 Season
  • Susanne Carter: Visions of Vietnam in Women's Short Fiction
  • James R. Aubrey: "Going Toward War" in the Writings of Maxine Hong Kingston
  • Alan Farrell: As Soldier Lads March By
  • Nancy Anisfield: Sexist Subscript in Vietnam Narratives
  • Lorrie Smith: Back Against the Wall: Anti-Feminist Backlash in Vietnam War Literature
  • Chaim F. Shatan: Happiness is a Warm Gun: Militarized Mourning and Ceremonial Vengeance
  • Susan Jeffords: Point Blank: Shooting Vietnamese Women
  • Eric J. Leed: Violence, Death and Masculinity
  • Kalí Tal: Feminist Criticism and the Literature of the Vietnam Combat Veteran
  • Rebecca Blevins Faery: Moon Landing: A Memory
  • Invitation to the Burial of Traditional Womanhood
  • Ruth Rosen: The Day They Buried "Traditional Womanhood": Women and the Politics of Peace Protest
  • Kathie Sarachild: Taking in the Images: A Record in Graphics of the Vietnam Era Soil for Feminism
  • Jenny Brown for Redstockings: Women for Peace or Women's Liberation? Signposts from the Feminist Archives
  • Jean Bethke Elshtain: Nuclear Discourse and its Discontents, or, Apocalypse Now or Never
  • Bibliography of Unusual Sources on Women and the Vietnam War

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