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Out of Print

Continuous Performance

Maggie Jaffe

63 pages, perfect bound, paper, 1990; $10.00; ISBN: 0-9628524-6-5.

"Continuous Performance stands as a testimony that Maggie Jaffe was not silent, when the times demanded that poets write about important issues."

----Jon Forrest Glade, American Book Review (April/May 1994)

"Maggie Jaffe's new poems expose the rot behind the baby pink veneer of our image makers. Her verse is boldly political, her human commitment passionate and profound."

----Marianne Hauser, The Talking Room

Maggie Jaffe, peace activist and poet, interrogates the images of empire that form American ideals of war. She places "Viet Nam" in a continuum of aggression that begins with the Pilgrim Fathers and extends through the secret wars of the 1980s and 1990s. Short poems, connected to the historical record by direct reference and opinionated statement, provide reaction sites for discussion of the historiography and the rest of the fiction and poetry in any course dealing with the issues raised by American wars.

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