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Warrior of the Heart

Dan Barker

276 pages, perfect bound paper, 1992 $15.00; ISBN: 0-9628524-7-3.

You can order this text directly from us. Make check payable to Viet Nam Generation, PO Box 13746, Tucson, AZ 85732-3746. Purchase orders are accepted from schools and libraries, and can be emailed or faxed to 520-578-9208.

When Dan Barker's manuscript came "over the transom," we knew it was the answer to our publishing prayers. What arrived that day was one of the finest Viet Nam war narratives that we'd ever read. And we've read hundreds.

Dan Barker served as a naval corpsman attached to the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. He is the founder and director of The Home Gardening Project, which has built over 1,100 raised-bed vegetable gardens for the aged, disabled and single-parent families of Portland, Oregon.

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