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Sixties Generations Conference

From Montgomery to Viet Nam

This annual three-day event is sponsored by Viet Nam Generation, Inc., a nonprofit literary and educational corporation dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary work on the Sixties in general and the Viet Nam war in particular. Sixties Generations panels are assembled around topic areas, featuring work in a variety of disciplines. We place scholarly papers beside creative works, historians beside literary critics, and activists beside academics and artists. Our intention is to create an atmosphere of collegiality, foster fruitful collaborations, and provide the opportunity to present and to hear quality work in presented in a relaxed environment. To preserve the collegial nature of our enterprise, we do not designate keynote speakers or pay "star" presenters to participate. Each Sixties Generations presenter is motivated by a sincere interest in the field. Also in keeping with the collegial spirit, we do grant fee waivers and help to arrange alternative accommodations for those who otherwise cannot afford to attend.

2000 Sixties Generations Conference

Due to Viet Nam Generation, Inc.'s relocation to Tucson, we have been unable to host Sixties Conferences for the past several years. We are hoping to hold the next Sixties Generations Conference in 2000. Dates to be announced.

1995 Sixties Generations Conference, Danbury CT

October 5-8
Sponsored by Viet Nam Generation, Inc. and Western Connecticut State University

1994 Sixties Generations Conference, Danbury, CT

November 4-6
Sponsored by Viet Nam Generation, Inc., Western Connecticut State University, and the Connecticut Council for the Humanities.

1993 Sixties Generation Conference, Fairfax, Virginia

March 4-6
Sponsored by Viet Nam Generation, Inc. and the American Studies Program, Film Studies Program and African American Studies Program of George Mason University.

Registration Fees

  • Full-time faculty or full-time employed: $75
  • Part-time faculty or part-time employed: $40
  • Graduate Students or unemployed: $25

Updated Thursday, January 28, 1999

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