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The Sixties Project Presents:

Buttons of the Sixties

The bulk of this collection of buttons was donated by Tane Datta, who lived in Washington, DC during the Sixties and was active in the fight for high schoolstudent rights and the antiwar movement. If you have buttons you'd like to see featured in this exhibit, scan them and email me the file along with the history of the button. I prefer PICT files of the buttons scanned at actual size at 150dpi. If you have information on any of the buttons already displayed in the collection please send an email to kali@kalital.com. Enjoy!


Anti-draft week. March 16-22.

April 15. [Dove and dollar sign.]

April 15. GI Press Service. GIs Unite Against the War.

April 15. SMC [Student Mobilization Committee].

April 15. SMC [Student Mobilization Committee] Women Unite Against the War.

April 15. SNCC [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee].

April 22. Environment

Conspiracy. If Not Now, When?

Bring The Troops Home Now!


Eugene [McCarthy]

Eugene [McCarthy]. [Blue ribbon on white.]

How Many More?

[Hubert] Humphrey. [Blue and white HHH on red.]

[Hubert] Humphrey. [Blue and red HHH on white.]

[Hubert] Humphrey. [Collar tab.]

[Hubert Humphrey] Reluctantly for HHH.

[Hubert] Humphrey. [Edmund] Muskie [Blue over red.]

[Hubert] Humphrey. [Edmund] Muskie [Red over white over blue.]

[Hubert Humphrey. Edmund Muskie] I am a Humphrey Muskie-teer.

I Back GE Strikers

I'm a Viet Nam Dropout

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Inauguration. Washington. [Pig]

January 15. King Day. Now is the Time. Support the National Holiday. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 20. SDS [Students for a Democratic Society]. Washington, DC. Stop The War And Racism!

Keep Biafra Alive

M-16 Day. Time To Act.

March on Washington. Labor. Stop the War.

My Lai

November 13-15. March Against Death. Washington. Vietnam 1,500,000. How many more?

November 15. March on Washington. Stop the War Machine.

Old Enough to Fight. Old Enough to Drink.

Old Enough to Fight. Old Enough to Vote.

Out Now

[Peace sign. White on blue.]

Peace Now

Peace. The Not-so-silent Spring.

[Richard] Nixon. [Spiro] Agnew. [Red and blue on white.]

[Richard] Nixon. [Spiro] Agnew. [Red on black.]

Screw Magoo

Ship the GIs Home Now!

SMC [Student Mobilization Committee]

SMC [Student Mobilization Committee] High School Bill of Rights

SMC [Student Mobilization Committee] War Machine Off Campus

Stop Repression. Stop Genocide. GIs. Conspiracy 8. Political Prisoners. Black Americans. Vietnamese.

Stop the Spread of Nixon's Vice

Stop the Trial

Stop the War. Bring the Boys Home.

Strike the War Machine! [Sticker]

TDA. Join the Conspiracy.

[Uncle Sam pointing a gun.]

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War]. Vietnam Veterans Are Still Dying of Agent Orange.

VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War]. Operation Blanket Hill, May 4th 1970-1990. Fire Base Carmody. Kent State. Jackson State.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War (Anti-Imperialist)

Vietnam Veterans United to Prevent World War III. To Hell With Rambo & All He Represents.

Updated Thursday, January 28, 1999

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