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The United States and the Vietnam War

Professor: Dr. Benjamin T. Harrison
Date: Spring 1993
Listing: History 561-01



This course on the foreign relations of the United States with Vietnam concentrates on the 20th century.


Borderline grades in the course will be determined by class participation in the discussions of the reading material. The text of the paper should be a minimum of 5,000 words (c. 20-30 pages), typed with separate endnotes and bibliography. Topics must be approved by me and the paper will constitute a third of your grade in the course. In order to receive graduate credit, students will be required to read two additional books completely and report on their findings when they make their oral reports on the papers. The other two-thirds of your grade will be determined equally by the Midterm and Final exams. Both will be two-out-of-three essay questions and the Final will be comprehensive. Blue books are required.

January 13: Overview
January 15: Lecture: Survey of Vietnam War
January 20: Lecture: Survey of Vietnam War
January 22: Lecture: Survey of Vietnam War
January 25: Film: HEARTS AND MINDS
January 27: Film: HEARTS AND MINDS
January 29: Williams, et al., AMERICA IN VIETNAM, Part I
February 1: Williams, Part II
February 3: Williams, Part III
February 5: Williams, Part IV
February 8: Sheehan, A BRIGHT & SHINING LIE (The Funeral--Book I)
February 10: Sheehan (Books II-III)
February 12: Sheehan, Chapter 1-3, (Book IV)
February 15: Sheehan, pp. 387-517
February 17: Sheehan, pp. 518-650
February 19: Sheehan, pp. 651-790
February 22: Kahin, INTERVENTION, 1-3
February 24: Kahin, 4-7
February 26: Kahin, 8-11
March 1: Kahin, 12-16
March 3: MIDTERM
March 5: DiLeo, GEORGE BALL, Foreward-4
March 8: DiLeo, 5-Epilogue
March 10: Glasser, 365 DAYS, Foreward-5
March 12: Glasser, 6-12
March 22: Glasser, 13-17
March 24: Young, THE VIETNAM WARS, Preface-5
March 26: Young, 6-10
March 29: Young, 11-Epilogue
March 31: Small, JOHNSON, NIXON AND THE DOVES, Preface-3
April 2: Small, 4-6
April 5: Small, 7-8
April 12: Hayslip, 4-7
April 14: Hayslip, 8-Epilogue
April 16: Lecture: Impact of the Peace Movement
April 19: Lecture: Impact of the Peace Movement
April 21: PAPERS DUE; Presentation of Papers
April 23: Presentation of Papers
April 26: Presentation of Papers
April 28: Presentation of Papers
April 30: Presentation of Papers
May 3: Film: THE WAR AT HOME--PBS series
May 10: FINAL EXAM 2:30-5:00pm

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