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U.S. in the Sixties (History)

Professor: Benjamin T. Harrison
Date: Spring 1994
Listing: History 318-01


Branch, Parting the Waters
DeBenedetti, Charles, An American Ordeal
Evans, Sara, Personal Politics
Herring, George, America's Longest War
Making Sense of the Sixties (PBS video)
Rorabaugh, Berkeley at War
Unger & Unger, America in the 1960s


"U.S. in the Sixties" will consist of lectures and discussions of the assigned reading material.


Borderline grades will be determined by how well you contribute to classroom discussions. There will be two comprehensive exams which will each be worth a third of your final grade in the course. Each exam consists of ten short-answer identification terms and two out of three essay questions. Each essay is worth 25 points and each ID term is worth 5 points. The other third will be determined by a research paper of a minimum 2400 words (c. 10-15 pages), typed with endnotes and bibliography (Refer to Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers). Topics must be cleared with me beforehand and the papers are due no later that April 28 to avoid a letter-grade penalty. Make-up exams and late papers will be accepted only when I think a student has a valid reason.


1/12--PBS Video: Making Sense of the Sixties, Part I

1/14--(Intro-Part I) Unger & Unger, America in the 1960s, Chapters 1-2

1/19--Unger & Unger, Chapter 3

1/21--Unger & Unger, Chapter 4

1/24--Unger & Unger, Chapters 5-6

1/26--Unger & Unger, Chapter 7

1/28--PBS Video, Part II

1/31--Branch, Parting the Waters, Preface-Chapter 3

2/2--Branch, Chapters 4-5

2/4--Branch, Chapters 6-7

2/7--Branch, Chapters 8-10

2/9--Branch, Chapter 11-13

2/11--Branch, Chapters 14-15

2/14--Branch, Chapters 16-18

2/16--Branch, Chapters 19-20

2/18--Branch, Chapters 21-23

2/21--PBS video, Part III

2/23--Rorabaugh, Berkeley at War, Preface-Chapter 1

2/25--Rorabaugh, Chapters 2-3

2/28--Rorabaugh, Chapters 4-Epilogue


3/4--PBS Video, Part IV

3/7--Evans, Personal Politics, Chapters 1-2

3/9--Evans, Chapters 3-4

3/11--Evans, Chapters 5-6

3/21--Evans, Chapter 7

3/23--Evans, Chapter 8-9

3/25--Lecture: "Sixties Protest Music"

3/28--Lecture: "Sixties Protest Music"

3/30--Herring, America's Longest War, Chapter 1

4/1--Herring, Chapters 2-3

4/4--Herring, Chapter 4

4/6--Herring, Chapters 5-6

4/8--Herring, Chapters 7-8

4/11--PBS video, Part V

4/13--DeBenedetti, An American Ordeal, Preface-Chapter 1

4/15--DeBenedetti, Chapters 2-3

4/18--DeBenedetti, Chapters 4-5

4/20--DeBenedetti, Chapters 6-7

4/22--DeBenedetti, Chapters 8-9

4/25--DeBenedetti, Chapters 10-11

4/27--DeBenedetti, Chapter 12-Reflections

4/29--PBS video, Part VI

5/2--Review day

5/9--Final exam (11:30-2:00pm)

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