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Nobody Gets Off the Bus:
The Viet Nam Generation Big Book
Volume 5 Number 1-4

March 1994

This text, made available by the Sixties Project, is copyright (c) 1996 by Viet Nam Generation, Inc., or the author, all rights reserved. This text may be used, printed, and archived in accordance with the Fair Use provisions of U.S. Copyright law. This text may not be archived, printed, or redistributed in any form for a fee, without the consent of the copyright holder. This notice must accompany any redistribution of the text. The Sixties Project, sponsored by Viet Nam Generation Inc. and the Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, is a collective of humanities scholars working together on the Internet to use electronic resources to provide routes of collaboration and make available primary and secondary sources for researchers, students, teachers, writers and librarians interested in the 1960s.

The Lessons of Vietnam
(a pop quiz)

Compiled by: Siggson, Sibert, Terrill, McCarthy at a summer seminar funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and held at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

July 25, 1990

1.  True or False

_____"Truth is varied" (Summers)
_____"Power flows the way the money goes" (Murray) 
      "Propaganda is truthful communication" (Zorthian)      
_____"The Third world is no more" (American Heritage Magazine)       _____"The Vietnam War started with Sputnik" (Rostow)
_____"LBJ was chicken" (Braestrup)
_____"We [U.S.] created a South Vietnam that could defend itself" (Colby) _____"Truth has a slow fuse" (Murray)
_____"The Domino Theory was indeed valid" (Stearman)      
_____"There can never be another Vietnam" (Stearman)

2.  Multiple Choice

The Press Corps in Vietnam was:
      a) responsible for allied defeat
      b) too democratic
      c) on drugs (Murray)
      d) buying mansions in Bermuda (Murray)
      e) a scapegoat (Braestrup)
      f) all of the above

The NVA were successful because:
      a) they were seven feet tall
      b) they were ten feet tall
      c) they controlled the population through fear
      d) all the Viet Cong guerrillas were defeated in1968
      e) some of the above

Ho Chi Minh was:
      a) a Nationalist with a capital "N"
      b) a nationalist with a small "n"
      c) a communist with a small "c"
      d) a man with twenty different names
      e) ceased to exist after 1968

Since almost all Viet Cong guerrillas were eliminated in 1968, 
the American casualties (about 25,000) from 1968-1972 must have 
resulted from:
      a) swimming accidents
      b) drug abuse
      c) whorehouse mishaps
      d) NVA action
      e) all of the above

There were:
      a) three Vietnams
      b) two Vietnams
      c) one Vietnam
      d) "if you believe one Vietnam we can't talk" (Summers)
      e) none of the above

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
      a) never happened
      b) might have happened
      c) consisted of one attack
      d) consisted of two attacks
      e) is on display in the Hanoi War Musuem
      f) was proven by good sonar
      g) was disproven by good sonar
      h) is still classified by U.S. government
      i) is irrelevant
      j) is plausibly deniable

3.  Matching

Column A                                Column B
"piss ant war" (Murray)               a. American Revolution
"the big war"                         b. Richard Nixon
"bird entrails"                       c. Ngo Dinh Diem
"an honorable man" (Dommen)           d. Lyndon B. Johnson
"peckerwood"                          e. New York City
"safer than Washington, DC in 1974    f. Saigon
"masters of management"               g. Gen. William Westmoreland
"the final domino" (Rostow)           h. World War II
                                      i. U.S. generals
                                      j. India
                                      k. S. Vietnamese cabinet 

4.  Multiple choice

Obstacles to victory in Vietnam:
      a) democracy
      b) morality
      c) the press
      d) the U.S. Congress
      e) the American people
      f) all of the above

5.  Fill in the blanks

     Give us (                    ) (A)
          and we'll give you (                    ) (B)

Column A                            Column B
Liberty                              Death
Pearl Harbor                         Hiroshima
a secret bombing                     a Kent State
the press corps                      an obstacle
a "piss ant war"                     a Vietnam Memorial
bird entrails                        intelligence
Curtis Lemay                         a peace talk negotiator
the truth                            a slow fuse
a pudgy thumb                        a domino
a victory                            a defeat
the Phoenix Program                  amnesty
a Gulf of Tonkin Resolution          a War Powers Act
Sputnik                              the Vietnam War
one Vietnam                          end of discussion

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