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Nobody Gets Off the Bus:
The Viet Nam Generation Big Book

Volume 5 Number 1-4
March 1994

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Poetry by Carol Blair

Welcome Home, Ken Wolfe

Vietnam Veteran, Silver Star

I caught you,
Your look of hatred.

(I was faster at turning
Around, than you were,
At pretending to trust.)

I caught you,
That deep, black,
Glistening, searing stare,
That told me,

You see yourself as a killer,
That you would kill again.

I caught you,
And I love you,
For letting it happen.

Carol Blair is a poet and illustrator, a native New Yorker formally trained at the New School for Social Research and NYU. She has been a Vietnam Era activist since the mid 1960s. Married to Ken Wolfe since 1986, she is currently the Art Editor of the New Press Literary Quarterly, under whose auspices she and husband Ken Wolfe host a weekly poetry reading in Queens, NYC.

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