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Nobody Gets Off the Bus:
The Viet Nam Generation Big Book

Volume 5 Number 1-4
March 1994

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Poetry by Melanie Brown Lawson

Voices from the Past

The voice on the tape is a young man.
Just a young man
who misses his wife, his little girl;
A young man with hopes and dreams
for the future he will never see.
A young man far from home
trying to transport himself there by his voice.
The voice on the tape is a young man.
A young man home on leave
teasing his little girl and laughing with his wife.
A family, untouched for the moment,
by the war so far away.
But the war invades--

The voice on the tape is a little girl
talking to her mommy.
Just a little girl and her mommy.

Melanie Brown Lawson's father wore a Green Beret and died in Viet Nam in 1966.

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