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 Viet Nam Generation Journal & Newsletter

V3, N3 (November 1991)

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Poetry by Bill Shields

ghost poem

I've died
too soon

my blood
scarcely mattered

I was married once
had children


& before all that
I went to Vietnam

& after all that
I went to Vietnam

I saw the earth
splashed in blood

souls stabbed out
of living bodies

children dead
in their mothers' stomachs

human bodies blended
with high speed steel

I only believed
in myself

& today
I forgot

a pure ghost poem

I don't want to hear
your version of Vietnam

until you have the courage
to hold your dying mother's head

as she fills your lap
with bloody vomit

& dies in your arms

think of that moment
for twenty odd years

remember what you said
or more importantly, what you didn't do

dream of your cowardice
your absolute fear

& smell the room she held you
inhale the blood & hair

walk in her bones
till your wife finds you

crying in a back room
or a garage

I'll be there
with you

like a newborn

miles of bones

58,000 suicides
is a lot of bullets

wrecked cars
ruined veins

dead bottles
kids without fathers

American flags
& miles of dirt dug

the number of Vietnam

veteran suicides . . .
it equals the names

on the Wall
today: 7/09/91 8:10 p.m.

we'll exceed it

more suicide
than combat death

If you can't feel
this pain

you're already

all these



I never wore a yellow ribbon
& I've bled for this country
no flag either
or "WELCOME HOME HEROES" bumper sticker on my car
I can't find one good thing to say
about American teen-agers firing extremely high-tech weaponry
against a virtually unarmed enemy
A parade for our heroes?
A parade for death?
What was the body count anyway?
How many Iraqi children died with our metal in their bones?
I'm not going to make a nineteen year old kid a hero
for having the innocence to kill
I have two Purple Hearts myself
for being young & stupid
& that is not an excuse
to fill a coffin

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