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Nobody Gets Off the Bus:
The Viet Nam Generation Big Book

Volume 5 Number 1-4
March 1994

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Folk Songs and Allusions to Folk Songs in the Repertoire of the Grateful Dead

Josephine A. McQuail, Tennessee Technological University

Alive `n' Dead: Traditional Folk and Blues Songs Performed by The Grateful Dead

Title Alternate Dates Performed
All Around this World Been All Around this World 12/19/69--12/31/80
Ballad of Casey Jones Casey Jones; Kassie Jones 5/15/70--8/5/70
Barbara Allen 12/12/81--12/30/81
Betty and Dupree 12/1/66
Casey Jones* 5/23/69--present
C.C. Rider Cee Cee Rider 12/1/79--present
Cocaine Blues Cocaine Habit Blues 7/12/70--8/19/70
Cold Jordan 6/20/69--8/19/70
Cold Rain and Snow 3/25/66--present
Dark Hollow 2/14/70--10/30/80
Darlin' Corey 11/20/70
Deep Elum Blues 12/1/66--9/24/83
Don't Ease Me In 10/07/66--12/3/92
Dupree's Diamond Blues* 2/11/69--3/26/90
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad Don't Want to Be Treated This Away 10/10/70--present
Hey Pocky Way 9/9/87--7/22/90
I Hear a Voice Callin' 5/15/70--8/5/70
I Know You Rider 3/12/66--present
Iko Iko Aiko Aiko 5/15/77--present
Jack A Roe Jack Monroe; Jack Munroe 5/13/77--2/2/92
La Bamba 9/7/87--9/23/87
Looks Like Rain* 3/23/72--present
Muddy Water 12/5/71
Nobody's Fault Nobody's Fault But Mine 9/24/73--9/22/91
On the Road Again 1/7/66--10/12/84
One Kind Favor See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 3/12/66--12/1/66
Peggy-O Fennario; The Bonnie Lass O Fyvie; Bonnie Barbara O 12/12/73--present
Rosalie McFall 7/12/70--10/27/80
Sadie Little Sadie 12/19/69--10/31/80
Samson and Delilah If I Had My Way 6/3/76--present
Slewfoot O'Slewfoot 6/11/69--12/31/69
Staggerlee* Stack O Lee; Staggolee 8/30/78--12/11/92
Stealin' 3/25/66--12/29/66
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 6/4/70--8/19/70
Throwing Stones* 9/17/82--2/22/93
Top of the World Sittin' On Top of the World 7/3/66--5/25/72
We Bid You Goodnight And We Bid You Goodnight 8/22/68--9/26/91




























* Original Songs by Robert Hunter or John Barlow with Members of the Grateful Dead, but refer to folk and traditional songs.

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