This photograph, like the previous one, comes from Luc Sante's Evidence. Sante writes of this image, "She has bled very heavily; the post above her right breast and the line extending away from it in both directions probably indicate a knife wound,. The shoes on the bed adn the relative lack of blood on the covers suggest that she was moved to the bed some time after the attack took place." No information remains on this woman or the details of her death. The room in which she died -- her bedroom? -- is stark, impersonal, saved from utter anoymity only by the framed images on the wall? Who do these images portray? Are they her parents, perhaps still in the Old Country? Or perhaps it is not her room at all, and she died beneath the images of strangers' faces. The viewer can fantasize a past for the victim, create for her a fictional history, unntethered by a caption..

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