Swahili nouns, CLass 11/14 - things associated with 2-dimensional surfaces

ugozi 'algae, green scum on surface of water' [cf. ngozi 'skin', Cl. 9]
uyoga 'fungus, mushrooms'
CB Class 14
ujaka 'small mushrooms'
upele 'pimples, pustules, breaking out of skin'
PSA Class 14
ukuruti 'small pimples'
umande 'dew; damp cool morning air'
PSA Class 14? [doubtful reconstruction, N&H]
ukungu 'damp, mildew'
ukafu 'froth or foam'
upupu 'mucuna bean, covered with velvet-like irritating hair'
utitiri 'chicken lice'
PSA Class 14
uduvi 'prawns; small green fly common on coast'
usubi 'sand fly, gnat, midge'
udago 'nut grass, spreads rapidly via long roots'
ukoka 'fine grass used for fodder'