Swahili nouns, Class 11/14 - abstractions

wima 'uprightness, perpendicularity'
ufefe 'weakness, uselessness'
ubinja 'whistling noise'
uchi 'nakedness'
uongo 'falsehood'
PSA Class 14
umito 'symptoms of pregnancy'
PSA Class 14
ukafu 'dryness of teeth from eating unripe fruit &c.'
ukoma 'leprosy'
upunga 'growth stage when embryo fruit beginning to form'
usiku 'night'
PSA Class 14
upepo 'wind'
PSA Class 9
umeme 'lightning, electricity'
Names of countries or ethnic homelands, e.g. Uingereza 'England', Uchaga 'land of the Chagga', etc. Productive. [These are Class 14 in CB.]
Abstractions can also be productively derived from verb, adjective, or noun stems, e.g. utoto 'childhood' (cf. mtoto 'child', Cl. 1).