Swahili nouns, Class 11/14 - non-solid but cohesive substances

uki 'honey'
CB Class 14
ubwabwa 'gruel, pap, e.g. rice paste'
ubongo 'brain substance, brain, marrow'
CB Class 14
udongo 'clay'
PSA Class 14
utope 'mud, mire, dirt' [also in Classes 5 and 6]
PSA Class 5
wanja 'kohl, antimony, used as eye makeup'
udusi 'matter, pus, bad smell'
*usaha 'matter, pus, discharge e.g. from abscess' [Ar. u-]
*uraibu 'chewing mixture wrapped in betel leaf' [Ar. gh-]
utembe 'chewed and spat out refuse of betel mixture (tambuu)
ukoga 'incrustation, e.g. tooth tartar'
uge 'fat, grease, stuck to the inside of a pot'
ukoko 'hard-burnt rice stuck to the bottom of a pot'
CB Class 11, 'crust'
wali 'cooked rice'
PSA Class 14
ugali 'stiff porridge'
PSA Class 14
uporo 'leftover food' [sticky?]
PSA Class 14