Swahili nouns, Class 11/14 - solids processed into non-solids

wambe 'dust from winnowed millet'
PSA Cl. 11
unga 'flour, meal, sawdust'
PSA Cl. 14
ufukwe 'fine sand formed by waves beating on shore'
ugolo 'ground tobacco used for snuff or chewing'
ugundi 'brown medicinal powder from base of coconut leaf stem'
usira 'powder made from burnt animal skin, used for protection from animal'
uvumbi 'dust as substance, dustiness'
wishwa 'chaff, husks, bran'
PSA Cl. 14
uvumba 'odoriferous gum used for perfume or incense'
PSA Cl. 14 'perfume'
*ubani 'frankincense gum' [Ar. u-]
*udi 'aloe wood, used for incense' [Ar. u-]
uturi 'perfume, scent, attar' [Ar. u-]
ufuta 'semsem, ginelly, used for oil and seeds'
PSA Cl. 14
uwatu 'fenugreek, seeds ground up for flavoring curries'