Swahili nouns, Class 3 - extended things

mpiko `pole for carrying loads; lever'
munda `harpoon for spearing large fish; piece of planking'
mstari `line, row'
m- in Arabic
mlia`a stripe, line of color'
msumari`nail, large pin'
m- in Arabic
mkufu`light chain, worn as ornament'
mjeledi`leather whip, thong, strap'
No initial m- in Arabic
mfumbi`trench dug to carry away rain water'
mfereji`ditch, irrigation trench'
No initial m- in Arabic
mfuo`groove, furrow'
mwanya`gap, narrow crevice, cleft'
mrera`lines of ornamental stitching on collar of woman's garment'
mpoporo`line of tattoo marks down length of nose; Indian file'
mfuradi`verse of poetry'
m- in Arabic
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