Swahili nouns, Class 3 - Natural Phenomena

PSA *muto, N + H
PSA *moto, N + H
PSA *mulima, N + H
PSA *moshI, N + H
mvuke`vapor produced by heat; steam; perspiration'
mchana`daytime; day as opposed to night'
PSA *mucana, N + H
mwonzi`sunbeam; ray of light'
mwezi`moon; month'
PSA *mwezI, N + H
mrao`the cool season, harvest time'
m- in Arabic
msimu`the northeast monsoon; season'
m- in Arabic
mchoo`rains that occur from July to September'
mbwoji`spring of water'
mfo`flood; flood channel'
mkaragazo`very heavy shower of rain'
mkuranga`waterless tract of country'
mwangwi`an echo'
msitu`land covered with thick bushes, undergrowth, small trees'
PSA *musItu `forest', N + H
mwamba`rock, mass of rock; reef'
PSA *mwamba, N + H

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