Swahili nouns, Class 5 - hollow spaces

pengo 'gap, notch, hole'
PSA Ipengo
shimo 'hole, pit, cavity'
tundu 'hole' [also Class 9]
PSA ntundu [Cl. 9]
kwapa 'armpit'
PSA Ikwapa, CB yapa, kuapa
koongo 'hole dibbled for planting seeds'
korongo 'ravine, water channel made by rainy-season stream'
komeo 'creek, inlet of sea'
kuo 'furrow, trench, hole made by hollowing out'
pelezi 'gaps, blunt places in knife or axe'
kara 'pause for someone else to start reading Qur'aan'
*dirisha 'window' [Pers. d-]