Swahili nouns, Class 7 - part of substance

kitambo `short period of time'
Proto-Swahili *kitambo, N + H
kipindi `period of time'
PSA *kipindi, N + H
kibunzi `end of the year'
kimo `height, measure'
PSA *kimo, N + H, but SSED lists this as loan from Arabic
cheo `measurement, size, rank'
PSA *kyelo, N + H
kititi `depth of the sea'
kina `depth of sea'
kiasi `measure, quantity, moderate amount'
ki- in Arabic
kibaba `unit of dry measure'
No ki- in Arabic
kiwanja `piece of ground' [cf. uwanja `open space', Class 11]
PSA *kiWanja, N + H
kivuli`shadow, shady place' [cf. mvuli `shade', Class 3]
PSA *kivUli, N + H
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