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Francis Bruguiere: 250 images. American 1879-1945. A member of the Photo Secession group in New York City. Did photographic work for Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar. Experimented with multiple exposure techniques. Moved to London in 1928. Made "light Rhythms" (1931), Britain's first abstract film. Died in London in 1945

William Henry Emerson: 250 images. British, 1856-1936. Medical degree from Kings College in 1879. Influential photographer contributed to discourse on relationship of photography to art. Published his book Naturalistic Photography in 1889 (in its third edition the concluding chapter originally titled "Photography--A Pictorial Art" was changed to "Photography--Not Art."

H.P. Robinson: 40 images. British, 1830-1901. Pictorialist photographer, vice-president of the Royal Photographic Society in 1887 and founding member of the Linked Ring in 1892. Widely read photographic author who wrote Pictorial Effect in Photography (1869), Picture Making by Photography (1889), and Art Photography (1890).

What Eastman House may be able to provide in the next distribution: 250 photographs by Lewis Hine 250 photographs by Alvin L. Coburn

They are both large, important, unique collections unavailable in similar numbers and content anywhere else. These have been shot and await only 400 ft roll transfers and, of course, our ability to do a proper job of scanning these problematic lengths of film.

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