Museum Educational Site Licensing Project: Content Selection Working Group

MESL Content Selection--1996 Distribution

How to Use the MESL Content Selection Web Space

This collection of documents and the communications form are intended to facilitate communication for the second round (1996) of MESL content selection.

1. Consult the information provided by the museums on the images they have already provided and those they are currently offering.

Each of the contributing institutions has provided a prose description and list of what is already available on your campus (First Distribution), as well as a description of what material may be available in the current selection process. This is useful as background material if you are unfamiliar with the collections and their MESL offerings. You can reach these descriptions by clicking on the museum names below.

MESL Particpating Museums

2. Review the Communications Archive for recent correspondence concerning 1996 content selection.

This will let you "listen in" on discussions of content selection that may already have taken place between university MESL users and museum curators. The Communications Archive is a threaded list of previous e-mail correspondence sent to the Content Selection List maintained by the project. All correspondence on a topic should be grouped together, making it easy to review the conversation to date.

3. Use the Communications Form to address queries to the contributing institutions.

The form is addressed to those individuals at the contributing museums that are facilitating content selection as well as to the Content Selection List. Your query will be sent to the appropriate person and to the list. Answers to your query will come to you as well as to the list, so that others can review any previous conversation before they post their own queries.

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