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Second Distribution Description

Since the June/July 1995 deadline for images, the HUAM has scanned close to 6000 additional images. These reflect the general priorities for scanning artworks for inclusion in the Harvard University Art Museum's imagebaseand overall museum projects. Among these works are many new acquisitions from 1995, a selection of over 3,000 images from the The Ben Shahn Archive, specifically his early New York imagery from 1932-1936 and his FSA projects from 1934-1938. Additional material to be included in our upcoming publication "Harvard's Art Museums: 100 Years of Collecting" and supplemental material to accompany the expanded CD Rom version of the same title will be among the new available for sharing with the MESL project in round two.

In addition, a selection of prints scanned directly from originals under controlled conditions will be available. Dramatic scans have been made from originals that capture a level of detail unavailable through our best color transparencies. The Harvard University Portrait Collection has completed the scanning of its over 1000 portraits and this material will also be included for selection. All of these works will be itemized for institutions to puruse in whatever format employed for the second round selection.

Curatorial departments are curretnly supplementing information for Western Paintings, Harvard Portraits and Drawings Collections and the quality of overall documentation should be higher than in the first set.

The current material shared with MESL and the new available scanned material does not adequately reflect the encyclopedic nature of the Harvard University Art Museum holdings.

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