The following example uses of the MESL images were created to demonstrate a few possibilties for using this resource in art history courses. The examples are intentionally simple in terms of of design and use of HTML. No image processing was necessary to create the 2 basic examples, as hyperlinks are made to the images on the UVA MESL image server. There is also a comparison with larger images that required image resizing.

From the Template Tutorials Menu, you will find detailed information and instructions on how to create these examples.


An example of a side-by-side comparison of two images. The instructor might prepare something similar for an out-of-class activity in preparation for a lecture or as a follow-up activity. Student responses could be submitted electronically via a Web-based form, e-mail, or on paper. A mock-up form shows how students might submit their response via a form and recieve a response with immediate feddback.

The same comparison could be made with larger images. Instead of linking to the MESL image, another image could be created by resizing the full size image. Comparison with larger images.

Virtual Exhibit

An example of a virtual exhibit that might be created by a student or group of students as a class project. Within the description of the paintings, students can add hyperlinks to other Internet sites that contain relevant supplementary materials.

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