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These tutorials will lead you through the steps necessary to create 2 different Web pages using the UVA MESL Web resource. At the end of this tutorial, you will have your own Comparison between 2 images and a Virtual Exhibit. It is not necessary to do both tutorials, they may be followed independantly.

Before You Begin...

1) If you are not familiar with the Web and HTML, look over the following documents:

Internet Information for Beginners

Help With HTML
http://www.virginia.edu/hel p-html.html

2) Create a public_html directory in your UNIX account if you do not already have one. Directions on how to do this are available by calling the ITC help desk at 924-3731 or from the Web:

Tips, How To's, Resources For Creating Individual Home Pages

3) Make sure you have the following software on your Mac:

If you don't have a Mac or this software, a public Macintosh for Web page authoring is available for your use in the Digital Image Center. PC versions of these tutorials will be available soon.

4) Learn the specific HTML tags used in the 2 examples.

The Tutorials...

1) Comparison Tutorial

2) Exhibit Tutorial

Learning More...

There are several ways to learn more about using the Web as a teaching and learning tool. UVA offers classes on HTML, The Web, Digital Imaging and Multimedia. For more information about local support resources, please contact:

There are also many excellent resources, tutorials and guides available on the Web. A good starting point is Web Tools, (a work in progress).

Please send any comments on these tutorials to Lara Ashmore, Lara@virginia.edu.

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