This help document is being developed in response to user questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please sent it to: mesl@jefferson.village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain a lists of all the images in the MESL collection?
Yes. Lists of the contents of the image collections and sample images are available from the individual museum information pages accessible from the UVA MESL home page. You can also browse all the images in a particular collection by selecting the collection in the search tool and leaving the search term blank. This will return results of all the images in the collection and you can browse by thumbnails, thumbnails with brief record, or brief record only.

Why can't I see any images?
Due to the MESL licensing agreement, MESL Images are only available and visible to UVA users. That means MESL images are not visible to people connecting to this Web site from outside of UVA.

How can this MESL resource be used?
These images and texts are for educational use only by students and faculty of the University of Virginia and may not be used for any non-educational or commercial purpose. Approved educational uses include faculty research, teaching and student projects. More detailed information on use is described in the Conditions of Use.

Additional Help Resources

Search Tips
Information about how to use the search tool to search the MESL Image Collections

MESL Data Dictionary
Information on MESL Image Collections searchable fields and the UVA tag set

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