Prester John’s letter to Chay Yim

Indeed, it may not be known that the Movietalker Chay Yim has received recently a letter from the famous but previously unknown Jewish King known in these parts as that Prester John, have you heard of him?

Chay Yim, as you know from my previous descriptions [unrecorded] is in steady employ at the Manchu Edison Film Corporation as one of their famous Movietalkers. And in fact he is also, for all must work, also employed at the same time, from time to time, as a telepathic Sino-Talmudic scholar in the library at Our Mother of the Laughing Fox, where it has often been suspected of him that he is in fact a Jesuit missionary disguised as a Jew.

In any case, his life’s work is to find the Lost Tribes, and also to talk the upcoming Manchu Edison film known as "THE LOST TRIBES" which will be a Telepathic Motion Picture, according to the current ambitions. For he -is- a Movietalker. Of course.

Now, Chay Yim can also read here that letter he has recently received from that King Prester John, of whom it is said that he is chief of the Lost Tribes:

---- out loud ----

To Mr. Chayyim Pollack, care of the Manchu Edison Studios in Shinkyo, Manchuria.

Dear Mr. Pollack,

I am your friend Prester John the Priest-King, Descendant of the Magi, Protector of Japan in Jerusalem and Jerusalem in Japan, and I also have other jobs which I will tell you about when we meet, which I am sure will be very soon. That is why I write you. That is to say, to inform you that I have made a vow to visit the Manchu Edison Studios in Shinkyo. I intend meet you in person in order to tell you my story, which I intend to make into a movie, though I do not know how myself, and am counting on the Manchu Edison Studios to help me do so, and please excuse me if I insist that it is a very useful thing to tell, this story, so that it can be more widely known in the world, in which of course I am already well known, as you know from previous letters you have received from my hands.

P.S. I also wish you to know that I have recently converted to the Jesuit religion, which may not be of interest to you, but certainly can increase the interest of my story, for there are several secrets that I must disclose to you at our meeting, and this is one of them.


Now the legality or legitimate origin of this letter is of course a matter of dispute, but such arguments never interest me..