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A doll of that Anjelit, who as you know is from Birobidzhan, but this doll is from elsewhere, and not her David Blair Jump into
for when the movies play, Anjelit talks, the dolls here do the dancing with which you are soon forgetting David Blair Jump into
and in deed and thought, yet another form of that marching doll of the Anjelit who movietalks here David Blair Jump into
This is many aspects of the doll who is known also as the famous King or Emperor of Manchuria, and is also a movietalker too David Blair Jump into
For at the Manchu Edison Biblical Actors College, we movietalkers learn to speak to or with the Frog here David Blair Jump into
and Among the Dolls there are also those who Resemble the Famous Mechanical People recently created in foreign Czeckoslovakia David Blair Jump into
and when she Talks, that Margarit of Estonia, who as you known married Simko Palme, she does see herself as this doll, here David Blair Jump into
And though in the Songs of the American DISNEY, Things may Dance as People, here they Dance with Movietalkers AMONG the PEOPLES David Blair Jump into
Some called her Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, but this one, whoever she is, lives in the dark, as do all Dolls David Blair Jump into
and when she emerges into the light at Dusk, this one, this Amaterasu, if that she is, then it is already too late for light David Blair Jump into
for the Butterflies, and the Flies, there are flowers and the remnants of what is meat, now in the fields where the Dolls fly David Blair Jump into
The Dolls made of Dirt with Their Floating Brains made from encrusted animals All Dance Here during the Movietalker Movie David Blair Jump into
But the People Made of Dirt may also dance Without Floating Animal Brains, for they are the very Bodies of Human Sympathy David Blair Jump into
for the People Made of Dirt also assist the work of the Manchu Edison Bible Actors Ballet College during Movietalker Sessions David Blair Jump into
even among the Prehistoric Animals, such as Reptiles, there were Dolls that Movietalkers could see dance during the movietalking David Blair Jump into
It is said she is Ko-omote, a doll of the old theatre, but she is also of the most modern sort, dancing with the Movietalkers David Blair Jump into
For Chayyim will dance with the Doll that carries on its very body the words on the pages of the Book that he wrote to explain David Blair Jump into
and at times that Doll which carries the words of Chayyim will carry them on a double paged book which is His FACE David Blair Jump into
and then there are the Dolls who SUFFER for others, at least as far as they are able, in the limits of a dancing life David Blair Jump into
Anjelit too can be seen among the dark Dolls, or at least her borrowed face, during the dances that she Movietalks David Blair Jump into