THE [Movietalker of The Frog, who speaks the speakers who talk as they tell the story without moving their mouths]

[these are the words as they were spoken, though elsewhere we are going to have to go there to look for the dancing of the dolls who were present during this part of that movie, this is only the words, as said]

I was lost. The dark was filled with steam, and I saw the thoughts of other worlds moving in pictures around dolls dancing all the times of a place at once, and so I thought, let me begin the second of the three stories.

I had been locked in that deathcamp, until Japanese soldiers came to break the gates. They told me to go East, to Manchuria, for the Pure Land Motion Railroad Corporation had built engines, and rails, to take me there. They had also built the city of Shinkyo, the new Capital of Manchuria.

And I arrived. I was met at the Central Station, and then we marched through the town, for I once made a movie in Shinkyo, and now I would make it again.