TELEPATHIC [Movietalker Toyoshi Simko]

So said by him and then recorded, I think

My first body was Toyoshi Simko, for I became a telepathic brain in a family of nine bodies, the Triple Triplets. This I did to repay my ticket to Manchuria, a country in the Northeast of China, where the Japanese had arrived by foot and train, crossing a single bridge to Hsinking, or Shinkyo, the new town, where they built the most modern movie studio in Asia, the Manchu Edison Film Corporation, with money that the Central Bank stored in a building.

The year telepathy was new, Simko Palme was a dentist who had founded Manchu Edison by trading a set of false teeth for a box of stolen Edison Prints. He became a movietalker, standing by the screen to tell the story of the movie.

And now with the coming of the sound film, the Triple Triplets and Manchu Edison would make a new type of film, the telepathic movie, a silent sound film for Manchuria, made of lines that could move by themselves.

For there are many worlds, filled with breath, which carries the sound out of our blood. In the sound we see flat worlds where people are forgetting , and as they forget, the movietalker remembers and lies, here in Shinkyo, the New City of Thought, where lies move between the worlds, and we tell the stories of the movies without moving out mouths. This is the telepathic cinema, made in a new town made to tell it, a place where so many brains are missing there are too many thoughts for the ones that are left, and a real need to remember to forget, done by building in this new country with lights, words, and music of flags.