MOTION [Movietalker Toyoshi Chay Yim]

Now of course, as you know, or will, this is done and said by the great Chay Yim, one of those Toyoshi Triplets, who are well known throughout the movietheatres, outside them too for they always put his names on the top of the marquee outside, so you knew him even if you didn't, at least if you went by the place

Toyoshi Chayyim was my second body, number two of the Toyoshi Triplets, who founded the Manchu Edison Film Corporation with the Bene Triplets and the External Triplets, to make single print films for all the movietalkers, including students of the Manchu Edison Bible Actors College, who could save souls, for they were Protestant Jews from the sunken island of Kyushu who had left their lost country to recreate it in Manchuria, under the shadows cast by the smoke of all the nearby burning planets, suitable for telling the story of a movie that you will forgot as soon you hear it, which begins when you see our eyes.