PICTURE [Movietalker Toyoshi Togo]

Here is the talking, all written down, of the famous movietalker who some suspect was named after the famous Egyptian Jew who was a famous filmmaker there in Egypt, the cotton country with all those tombs, and who indeed was himself named after someone else, that is the famous Admiral Togo, a Japanese Navy Admiral whose role in history I have forgotten somewhat, but I do think here that he did have much to do with the defeat of the Estonians or at least the sailors in waters which now hold the sunken ships, probably according to memory near Kitakyushu, an old port of that famous old sunken Japanese island of the same name, and also nearby where there might also be sunken underwater there the old Imperial SWORD of the Japanese Emperor, or at least a copy of it. Anyway, this Togo here was very capable in reproducing neccessary emotions in the audience back in his days.

Toyoshi Togo was the third of the Toyoshi Triplets, former resident of the Shinkyo Zoo and director of volcano movies now under contract as movietalker for the 1931 Manchu Edison Film Corporation Production of “THE LOST TRIBES”, a brand new all dancing telepathic version, a three act adventure story set at the creation of an Israel in Manchuria, each act in a different world, a silent radio motion picture set to take place just where the water falls over the edge of the earth.