CHAY YIM travels in time

These days, at the start of the Movie, Chayyim is endeavoring to travel through time in two directions at once, hoping to appear in early 20th century Budapest, and also in late 15th century Spain.

Now, if successful, he hopes to settle there either in Buda or in Pest, starting into a new life selling vacuum cleaners there, this is a good profession for the modern man, and in his spare time he is intent upon learning a foreign language, the most useful among the many on his long list, which includes such interesting titles as PHOENICIAN, UIGHAR, etc, is the language called LADINO, which I understand is the language of the Jews of Spain, the one they used until they had to move far away to many places, though that is another story.

Of course, it would be useful for him in his new simultaneous New Life in Spain, where he has now arrived with the intention of authoring the very first Manchu-Hungarian Dictionary, from his first day in Toledo he has embarked upon this difficult task, working of course from memory, as a result of the lack of readily available reference books usually used in such a task,

Now, if he can get his hands on this completed tome during his time in BUDAPEST, and during his spare time there, which is certainly not guaranteed in any quantity, for you never know when you might have to take additional work to support yourself, however outside of that possibility he is hoping to find a copy of that Famous Dictionary to help him translate into the contemporary idiom of Hungarian language the very secret Manchu-language autobiography that he wrote in Spain hundreds of years before, just about the time that he was getting ready to accompany one or the other of the very famous COLUMBUS TWINS on their trips to the end of the world, now located somewhere near Alaska, I think that the Lost Tribes are there, and perhaps they speak Ladino as well, like his friends in Spain.