Title Author
Billy Lee of Little Harbin sees the knots dance the Thoughts in the Audience at the One Brain Planetarium Theatre David Blair Jump into
By the drawing with the blood that they collect at the cinema they can draw the lines that move and are the bodies that they are David Blair Jump into
For Billy Lee looks at the Children or Peoples who dance their sport for her while forgetting their thoughts now in the time David Blair Jump into
For in the different types of theatres where the movietalkers do the talking, there are many impressions which are unpleasant David Blair Jump into
In the ONE BRAIN Theatre, the Children of the Peoples dance for the damaged LiJung, of the mining accident previously David Blair Jump into
In the OUTSIDE, at the edge of those Eclipse Zones, they follow the movable builds and trains by RUNNING David Blair Jump into
Warrior Dancers of the No-War Zones near Birobidzhan prepare for the UNTHINKABLE now and again David Blair Jump into
for in all the places where there is the One Brain for Several Bodies, it is not always the easy thinking place David Blair Jump into
for in the many thoughts or the imitation of thinking in the different worlds are the different ways of thinking in those worlds David Blair Jump into