Title Author
For the KING, here King of Kysuhu, has a Buddhist Castle where he had to sadly kill many Happy Christians, back then, on Kyushu David Blair Jump into
For the KING, who studies all animals of the Water, including the FROG, believes that there we can find SUNKEN MU, a continent David Blair Jump into
That is the Village of Pimiko the Queen who came from Manchuria to bring a copy of the Grass-Mowing Sword to the Kings of Japan David Blair Jump into
The Jewish King of Kyushu, at Toledo-no-Nagasaki, was an Astronomer, much like the great PRESTER JOHN, and he lived here David Blair Jump into
Celebrations for the Anniversary of the Sinking of the Continent of MU, done at sites reconstructed from the Original Cargo David Blair Jump into
The Sunken Castle to which the Chinese Ming fled from the Manchu, and their deadly Ray Mirror, once borrowed, now dark David Blair Jump into