Residental Villages Constructed by the Manchu-Edison Film Company for the use of its employees, Shinkyo, Manchukuo,

When you live in the New City, which is the name of the City of Shinkyo, you have to know how to get to the train station.

If you want to know all about the trains I will tell you, but somewhere else.

If you live in the new city, and if you are a new or an old resident, though I don't think there are any old residents, then you always are seeing the train go by, for the tracks are nearby always to you. The train many times also runs indoors, through the houses, inside, for that is how things have come to be in Shinkyo.

The train is a company, and this is the company that also makes the trains and owns them too, and the company has a picture which is its' name, and the trains have names, like Asia-Go, but you know I think that the streets don't have any names. They aren't straight, like the tracks of that train, though inside the houses the train tracks will turn corners because they have to, there isn't much space. The doors are left open, usually.

I think that there were fields here before, but they weren't the old style of fields like in the old country, they were the new style of field, like sorghum or like that, vegetables I don't know very well. And maybe the plants belonged to the people who lived here before, but who did not live in the fields, which is where the new houses have been built.

And so since the houses were built inside the fields, all the houses are like on a island, and the streets run all around them without the names which are helpful. The houses have the numbers which let you find them, but they don't go up one by one, you get a new number when you build a house in the order you build the house, so the houses are not easy to find.

This is the situation in Shinkyo.