The Lost Tribes were getting nearer

It was a very long time ago that the Mongols were in the middle of the world, somewhere above the center of the world, and you might not know but those Mongols got married to some people who were what they call PRIMITIVE Christians, that is a term that means they were Christians not long after Jesus, and you know in those days, in those days Jesus might or might not have been what everyone was not agreeing on what he was, so there was a lot of controversy in those early years after he died or whatever, people said a lot of things about him and then about each other and there was a lot of killing, a lot of it was organized too, so a lot of people were badly killed in ways that hurt a lot.

This didn’t bother the Mongols however who married these Primitive Christians who had moved out there to the middle of the world which was almost nowhere for them and then married the Mongols who lived there. So then after that the Mongols became Christians too, even more primitive, according to the people back in places like Rome, which were nice places to live but which also often got invaded after the Romans, who built it in the first place. It was also the capital of the Christians after that, as you know. They didn’t want to get invaded by the Mongols, especially if these Mongols were the kind of Christians that were exactly the ones they wanted to kill but now they couldn’t.

But anyway, to make things short, it wasn’t good there in Asia for the Christian Mongols, things happened and so I guess the Christian Mongols had to leave Asia and they came all the way across the world and invaded Egypt, which became a new country for them, if you can believe that there were Christians who were Mongols who moved to Egypt and became Egyptians, this was after the Pyramids.

And some of they just kept going, they didn’t know when to stop traveling, and some of them in small groups got as far as Spain, which was a pretty advanced place at that point and welcomed them of course as if they were visiting tourists. But there weren’t so many tourists in those days, especially people like them, who liked to tell stories, like stories about the Lost Tribes, which were very interesting stories to the people in Spain in those days, especially the Jewish people in Spain in those days, who were having lots of troubles and in fact were probably just about to get kicked out of the country.

So they said, aware that everyone was really interested in their story, so maybe they made up parts of it to keep everyone interested, that they had come all this way because they had a lot of Enemies who lived all the way back home in the center of the world who were coming to get them, they were marching these enemies on their way here, but it took them a long time to get here because they were doing a really thorough job conquering everyone they could find on the way, and even tearing down and then making new cities, which would of course happen later in Shinkyo. Anyway, they were specifically on their way to hurt anyone at all who had ever or who intended to hurt the people who were like themselves, you known, for you know, said the Christian Mongols, who were eating at this point, these people, we don’t like them, you might however, they are the Lost Tribes with their King and they are on their way to Europe, but maybe to Spain first, you had better watch out what you do.

And I have to tell you I guess this is true and will be made into a movie starring Prester John at the Manchu Edison Studios in Shinkyo, Manchuria, and in the movie you are going to see these Hebrew-speaking Mongols and their many friends who were called Magyars, these Magyars are people who came not so obviously from a place called Bashkortostan not so long ago in the story and helped the Mongols in a special way, because they taught that Mongol king, who I am going to call Genghis Khan, he had his own name which was more real, and of course in the movies he also gets lots of names, in fact in Japan when we released the series they called him Yoshitsune, which was in fact one of their kings, so I guess in the European release we will give him the name of one of their local kings. Anyway these Magyars, who are the people who later or before became the Hungarians or Hungarian peoples, they have their country now and that nice city Budapest which in fact is Buda and Pest, it has two parts, anyway they were the ones who came from Bashkortostan and then they taught this Genghis Khan how to read and write in the Hebrew language, and we are not talking about Yiddish or Ladino or anything like that.

So anyway, I’ll have to tell you how the King and Queen of Spain, who also eventually invited these Christian Mongol tourists to eat dinner in front of them also at their really nice castle in the town called Toledo in that Spain, who after hearing these stories made up their minds together, it was that King and that Queen who decided out of nowhere to hire out those famous brothers who were the Columbus Brothers, who came from Italy or somewhere outside of Spain, and some said they were Jewish too, that was an argument in their favor when being considered for the job by the King and Queen, for they were looking for someone they could send out to find those Lost Tribes who were coming their way, and offer them friendship and some gifts and things like that, as the royal people did in those days.