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The Lost Tribes were getting nearer

It was a very long time ago that the Mongols were in the middle of the world, somewhere above the center of the world, and you might not know but those Mongols got married to some people who were what they call PRIMITIVE Christians, that is a term that means they were Christians not long after Jesus, and you know in those days, in those days Jesus might or might not have been what everyone was not agreeing on what he was, so there was a lot of controversy in those early years after he died or whatever, people said a lot of things about him and then about each other and there was a lot of killing, a lot of it was organized too, so a lot of people were badly killed in ways that hurt a lot.

This didn’t bother the Mongols however who married these Primitive Christians who had moved out there to the middle of the world which was almost nowhere for them and then married the Mongols who lived there. So then after that the Mongols became Christians too, even more primitive, according to the people back in places like Rome, which were nice places to live but which also often got invaded after the Romans, who built it in the first place. It was also the capital of the Christians after that, as you know. They didn’t want to get invaded by the Mongols, especially if these Mongols were the kind of Christians that were exactly the ones they wanted to kill but now they couldn’t.

But anyway, to make things short, it wasn’t good there in Asia for the Christian Mongols, things happened and so I guess the Christian Mongols had to leave Asia and they came all the way across the world and invaded Egypt, which became a new country for them, if you can believe that there were Christians who were Mongols who moved to Egypt and became Egyptians, this was after the Pyramids.

And some of they just kept going, they didn’t know when to stop traveling, and some of them in small groups got as far as Spain, which was a pretty advanced place at that point and welcomed them of course as if they were visiting tourists. But there weren’t so many tourists in those days, especially people like them, who liked to tell stories, like stories about the Lost Tribes, which were very interesting stories to the people in Spain in those days, especially the Jewish people in Spain in those days, who were having lots of troubles and in fact were probably just about to get kicked out of the country.

So they said, aware that everyone was really interested in their story, so maybe they made up parts of it to keep everyone interested, that they had come all this way because they had a lot of Enemies who lived all the way back home in the center of the world who were coming to get them, they were marching these enemies on their way here, but it took them a long time to get here because they were doing a really thorough job conquering everyone they could find on the way, and even tearing down and then making new cities, which would of course happen later in Shinkyo. Anyway, they were specifically on their way to hurt anyone at all who had ever or who intended to hurt the people who were like themselves, you known, for you know, said the Christian Mongols, who were eating at this point, these people, we don’t like them, you might however, they are the Lost Tribes with their King and they are on their way to Europe, but maybe to Spain first, you had better watch out what you do.

And I have to tell you I guess this is true and will be made into a movie starring Prester John at the Manchu Edison Studios in Shinkyo, Manchuria, and in the movie you are going to see these Hebrew-speaking Mongols and their many friends who were called Magyars, these Magyars are people who came not so obviously from a place called Bashkortostan not so long ago in the story and helped the Mongols in a special way, because they taught that Mongol king, who I am going to call Genghis Khan, he had his own name which was more real, and of course in the movies he also gets lots of names, in fact in Japan when we released the series they called him Yoshitsune, which was in fact one of their kings, so I guess in the European release we will give him the name of one of their local kings. Anyway these Magyars, who are the people who later or before became the Hungarians or Hungarian peoples, they have their country now and that nice city Budapest which in fact is Buda and Pest, it has two parts, anyway they were the ones who came from Bashkortostan and then they taught this Genghis Khan how to read and write in the Hebrew language, and we are not talking about Yiddish or Ladino or anything like that.

So anyway, I’ll have to tell you how the King and Queen of Spain, who also eventually invited these Christian Mongol tourists to eat dinner in front of them also at their really nice castle in the town called Toledo in that Spain, who after hearing these stories made up their minds together, it was that King and that Queen who decided out of nowhere to hire out those famous brothers who were the Columbus Brothers, who came from Italy or somewhere outside of Spain, and some said they were Jewish too, that was an argument in their favor when being considered for the job by the King and Queen, for they were looking for someone they could send out to find those Lost Tribes who were coming their way, and offer them friendship and some gifts and things like that, as the royal people did in those days.

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The LOST TORAH, a long time ago, which was also thought to be some kind of Machine

It was in Holland in those years that there was that Man of the Faith among the Jewish people who was very popular and was known as Israel ben Manasseh, or his name was other way around perhaps, anyway it was he who was the one who had the idea that the Lost Tribes were in other places, like in America, if that had already been discovered by that time, and that was in a book that he wrote and that he called THE HOPE OF ISRAEL which was his hope too and that was way back in 1650, I just looked it up, so you can be sure he knew what he was talking about, they did already have people in America already by that point, at least the Puritans were already there too, they were living in Massachusetts, a long time ago, and they had a boat which could have brought them back to England but they didn't use it but stayed there and have been there ever since.

As you know, it was the Spanish who had owned the Holland Country, I think, but in the meantime they lost it, and a lot of the Jewish people who had lived before that in Spain but had had to leave Spain since noone Jewish could live there, that was ever since 1492, same day the Columbus Brothers took their boats out of the harbor, but that is another story, I can tell you however that they, those Brothers, were definitely on their way to find those Lost Tribes, but anyway, as for the Jewish people in Spain, they had to leave, even if they were pretending not to be the Jewish people when there, but were pretending to be Christians or like that, Catholics, but that wouldn't work and so at a certain point like in 1492 they all had to leave and lots of they went to live in Holland, which seemed familiar to them, or at least it was a place they could get to, I guess by boat since there is a lot of water there in Holland, and there is also a lot of water along the coast of Spain, so you can use boats.

Now there were a lot of people among the Catholics everywhere who were called Jesuits, and it was there job to protect the stories of the Catholics from being changed by other people, Catholics even sometimes did that, whether on purpose or by slips of the tongue that got written down and then believed later when people read those errors that had been written down wherever they were written. That's why they kicked the Jews out of Spain, they were somehow partially in charge of that I think, because they think that the Jews had a lot of things written down wrong, like in their Bible, which is called the Torah, they had had the name of that Jesus written down as the person who would save the world but since they didn't like the Catholics they had gone back to all the old copies of their Torahs and using erasers they had erased all the places with his name and put some other name there or nothing or whatever, Anyway, as for the Jesuits, they believed a lot in writing, since anyway that’s what the Bible was, or how it was done, though of course lots of people liked to read it out loud too. But not changing the words, that was important, or the other words that got said later telling just what those Bible words meant, since they meant different things sometime, and this was not a joke, you had to chose what they meant.

They also had other jobs, these Jesuits, some of whom came from Paris, like up on the hills there where the sun gets sometimes, not like in the valleys of Paris where the poor people are so sad because they never see the sun like up on the hill where the Jesuits were living. For instance, for one of these other jobs that they had, these Jesuits said that if women fell down you just right away had to stop what you were doing and help them up, though in fact that was something that meant two things, for down in this case meant that if these women went down, downhill that is, they went down where the poor people were and then to get money to get back uphill they had to be doing things like prostitution or like that which was all downhill from there, so to speak, and you had to help these people who were women to go uphill and so you did just that, you helped them up to be with you on the hill, so to speak, by telling them words which were the right words in the right way telling just what the words in the Bible meant.

But what if someone came along and rewrote the Bible without their know it? You can see this was the sort of thing that they worried about, back then, since especially there were lots of countries and lots of translations which weren’t always very good, there were problems, and since the Bible had been written in one of those foreign languages, like Hebrew or something like that, or Phoenician or something like that, maybe there was trouble there too, like noone knew what they words meant when they did the translation or wrote down what someone else said that happened then, and so the wrong words got put there and repeated just about forever up to the current day?

I forgot to mention that one of the other jobs these Jesuits had, like in Job, who you know who in the Bible had to do a lot of things without asking too many questions, one of their jobs was to go in the boats that were going all over the place back then, they had just discovered how to sail with their boats to other places, these Jesuits had to get in the boats to go there so that when they got there they could meet the people in those other countries and tell them about the words in the Bible and offer to translate them for them if they would only agree to believe them when they told them what those words meant, and you have to agree that was only fair because translation is a hard business especially when you have to travel and do it on a boat and maybe don’t even get paid, because back then priests did NOT get paid, I am not even sure if there were that many banks, but anyway that wasn’t the reason.

So they went to all those places like in the East as they called it back then, though I think if you keep going East you get back to where you were, so I guess that means wherever you are there you are right there in that East, wherever it is. But anyway there they were traveling for a long time in those boats, thinking the whole time, and when they got out there to places in that East like to that place called Japan that noone had really been to yet very often back then, they went ahead and taught those people in Japan back then how to make the guns and the powder you put inside it to make the bullets go out in the direction you were pointing when you shot the guns, and you know it was later that those Japanese people took that and kept going and even much later in that same place they made space rockets there at that island there and sent them up into the air from that island there, which is right next to a really big volcano, they have lots of large volcanoes there in that part of the country, which is down on Kyushu, which is the very south island of all of Japan, which has always been a country too, and there there are really a lot of those islands there if you count the small ones too, but really it was just on that island near the really big volcano but not so near that you have to worry about it, since anyway to get out to the island if you want to go there I think you need a boat, that they today have their rocket place for going to the moon and such, which is definitely not in the East, and so it was that on that island back then that that was just exactly the place where the Jesuits in the boats came to visit them for the first time, hoping that if they gave them guns then they could get them to promise to read the books that they were going to translate for them if they agreed to believe what they wrote there.

They went to China, the Jesuits, to where they had a harder time because actually the Chinese were smarter than them and already knew all their tricks, but still since the Chinese had so many books and were always writing new ones they were happy to pretend to say that they were going to read the translations, they didn’t say they weren’t sure whether they would believe that or not, they were anyway just always looking for new things to read, being smart, though not smart enough to take their own interesting Chinese books to Europe and try to get the Europe people to believe them if them translated them for them, etc, like the Jesuits were so smart to do with their own books.

But anyway the Jesuits did find one interesting thing to give to the Chinese people who were going to read their books, which was that for a long time the Jesuits had figured out how to remember lots of things, lots of the things they read inside books for instance, and they could read books out loud without even owning copies because they had this way of thinking which let them memorize anything, which is really useful if you read a lot of books and sometimes forget where you put them, or if you want to talk about things and make people listen to you for a long time, but can’t ever remember the next things you wanted to say after the first or second thing, which made everyone bored and not willing to wait until you remembered.

They did this by remembering a little bit of something, like something they had just read or made up, then closing their eyes and pretending they were in some kind of old style building, or maybe in a town with lots of buildings on islands that were floating just a little bit above the ground, and you would pretend that the thing that was there in your head that you wanted to remember was actually something in your hand, like something like a dirty stainless steel ball which had some kind of strange rust on it, that might seem strange but remember they were just making this all this up anyway so it could anything at all, like that or anything else, actually it was up to you to chose what it was, and then with that in your hand you would find yourself in front of, for instance, one of those floating islands covered with maybe Japanese houses, and then you would take that ball and put the ball under the house, and you would tell yourself that when you came back to pick that ball up again, when you did that it would be just the moment that you would again remember the first sentence in that story or boring book that you trying to remember for the future, and so somehow it would be put there with that ball and at that moment another one of those stainless stell balls would appear in your hand, a new one, again, and you’d walk right along to the next floating island and put it right under there, saying that was going to be the second sentence, and the whole point was that when you were done, the whole story would be in the balls which were under all the floating islands in a row, and so if you ever want to remember the story, which it is sure you were going to forget, you would just go right back there to that place filled with all the floating islands and go for a walk sometime in the future when you'd forgotten what you wanted to remember and wanted to remember it again, and so you'd go pick up again all those stainless steel balls, and as you did that you’d somehow get back the sentences in order, all you had to do then was just say them out loud to whoever was listening to you.

So one of those Jesuits was sitting in that China, actually you probably know the city, Peking it was called in my days, and he had his eyes closed and he was probably dropping those balls one after another, that was because he was in church at that moment and had probably nothing else to do, and suddenly one of those Chinese people, one he didn’t know, came right up to him, for he had come to church hearing that was where you could find some of the Jesuit people if you wanted to find them, and said to him, hi, if you are one of the Jesuit people, I want to talk to you, because look, this may be surprising to you, but I am actually Jewish, I may look Chinese but I am and I have a very old book that I don’t remember how to read that I want to show you.

And boy did that Jesuit put up his ears when he heard that, because that was probably a really old Torah and maybe it was so old that if you looked in it you'd find out it was written before that Jesus came along to be born, and since it was so old and having been hidden in China, that Torah, owned by these Chinese Jewish people that noone knew anything about, since also they never came back West to visit with their families, well maybe if you got your hands or should I say your eyes on that book and you just read in there, maybe you'd find that there was still written in there the name of that Jesus, saying that he was the name of the person who was going to save the world at some point, and so you can be sure then that since noone really knew the whereabouts of this particular Torah, that noone had ever gotten to go there and gotten to going into the book with an eraser and using it to erase all the times that name came up, erasing each name one time until it wasn't there in the place it had been originally written, and they did that erasing because they didn't like Jesus so much, or at least that's what the Jesuits thought about these other people who may or may not have done the erasing, which as you know is something that changes the words in books, which the Jesuits had for a job to make sure did not happen. So anyway, that interesting book was or might have been the Lost Torah and I have a lot more to tell you about that. But it is even more interesting because in fact I forgot to keep going and tell you more about something else that I started to tell you, about that Israel ben Manasseh or his name was the other way around I think, for you see this man Israel he wrote a really interesting book which was about the Lost Tribes, and this also sort of had something to do with that Lost Torah and of course you know that being in Holland he was really close to England and so his book became really popular there among the Puritan people, some of whom had just moved to America, Massachusetts in fact, you can still see the place, and when they got there these Puritans in America maybe thought that THEY were the Lost Tribes too. So I will get to that, and why this Torah was maybe some kind of machine though I have no idea what kind of machine it could be, I have to do some more researching on that, but anyway I think it has or could have had something to do the TELEPATHIC CINEMA, wouldn't that be surprising, I bet, I am going to figure it out and then the next part of this will be coming up on the page!

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