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0_Oh, The Appearance of the Hydrogen Pronouns during that First Cathode Ray Experiment that Killed the Taisho Imp! David Blair Jump into
1: So they made up the words to make a movie for the Movietalkers in the words of that talking
David Blair Jump into
2: Those words of the talking had a secret talking but they could be heard, in the movie, when talked
David Blair Jump into
3: For following the Cathodic Direction, a line, to the West, set by the Earth Magnet, back or forth, right or left, they talk
David Blair Jump into
4: Because, don't you know, that they were the Hydrogen Pronouns, and there were 47 of them, each a different I-talk
David Blair Jump into
5: And it was their job on Christmas Day 1926 to travel to Mount Flatland at the end of the Cathode Ray Tube, there!
David Blair Jump into
6: There they appeared as a letter in that old Iroha Alphabet, of which there are 47, usually used to number the theatre seats
David Blair Jump into
7: And then! as 23 pairs of Miniature Soldiers who walked hand in hand around the central First One of the 47!
David Blair Jump into
Also in the Clouds there are Mountains which float via Magnetic Force above the place of the Old Japan now gone, like at Mt. Aso David Blair Jump into
And by demonstrating the blood machines as shown in the latest America then the audience is convinced to pay to give their blood David Blair Jump into
And in Places where Lost Japan is a Train, it passes through itself as if you were on the train and could see that all at once David Blair Jump into
And in the House where the Jesuits gave the Gun Making ability to the Japanese old island People, there are fish underwater David Blair Jump into
And so began that trip To Manchuria which was over the Edge of the Earth, or From Manchuria, also to Over the Edge David Blair Jump into
And so our ancestors locked their tombs so you have to know how to get in if you go to visit in order to paint them later David Blair Jump into
And we don’t forget to remember to forget that all the moving parts in the movies are working when we are talking and they move David Blair Jump into
And when all the words of the movietalkers dance in the forgetting then also all the lines can dance and old movies are talked David Blair Jump into
At the Ocean Entrance to the LOST SUNKEN CONTINENTS of everywhere, there can be heard the walls of the Invisible Temples David Blair Jump into
For when you go to the movies in Shinkyo where they are talking they still show the old bodies who are talked by the frog too David Blair Jump into
Above, at the North, are the castles of those Danish People who once ruled Estonia, where there is also Shale Oil, sees LiJung David Blair Jump into
and by waiting in line they will go forward and get back to where they were by waiting on their way to Manchuria then David Blair Jump into